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10 Movies Where The Stars Actually Had Real Sex Onscreen

Most people when watching these movies: "How was this allowed?!"

1. Chloë Sevigny performed oral sex on costar Vincent Gallo in the climax of the 2003 film Brown Bunny.

Sevigny and Gallo kiss under the sun

2. Robert Pattinson, when called on to simulate masturbating in the 2008 film Little Ashes, felt his efforts weren't coming off realistic enough, so he went ahead and did the deed on camera.

3. 2015's Love became a hit on Netflix this year after TikTokers turned watching the film's graphic opening scene, featuring unsimulated sex, into a TikTok challenge.

The Netflix page for the movie Love

4. The stars of Lars von Trier's 2013 film, Nymphomaniac — Shia LaBeouf, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, and Uma Thurman — all perform in unsimulated sex scenes in the film...just not how you imagine.

LeBouf and Gainsboug, from the waist up, kiss naked

5. Bob Guccione, founder of the adult magazine Penthouse, produced exactly one movie: 1979's historical epic Caligula, which featured renowned thespians like Peter O'Toole and Helen Mirren...and lots of hardcore, unsimulated sex.

Naked people are piled atop each other in an orgy

6. Director John Cameron Mitchell's 2006 film Shortbus features lots of unsimulated sex — so much so that Mitchell performed fellatio in the movie as a show of solidarity with his actors.

Two women kiss on a couch

7. The Guardian called Michael Winterbottom's 2004 film 9 Songs "the most sexually explicit mainstream British film to date." It featured, among other things, a foot job.

The stars of the film kiss naked in a bath tub

8. Andy Warhol's 1969 film, Blue Movie, was the first movie featuring real sex to gain widespread exhibition in the United States.

Viva and Louis Walden embrace each other

9. 1972's Pink Flamingos had the tagline "An exercise in bad taste," and it wasn't kidding: The film featured Divine performing oral sex on the actor portraying her son in the movie.

Divine pulls at the pants of her co-star

10. And finally, Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland — President Coriolanus Snow from The Hunger Games films himself — had sex on camera in 1973's Don't Look Now...maybe.

Julie Christie begins undressing as Donald Sutherland looks on