27 Jaw-Dropping Confessions That People Really Should Have Kept To Themselves

    "I can't believe they just told me that!"

    People usually keep their deepest, darkest, and most private secrets to themselves, but every once in a while someone tells you something that makes you go, "I can't believe they just told me that!"

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    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the WILDEST things people have confessed to them, and — sheesh! — do they have some stories. Check 'em out:

    Warning: this post includes mentions of murder and sexual assault.

    1. "My then best friend — let's call her Carol — decided one day it would be fine to tell me SHE HAD SEX WITH MY (divorced) FATHER. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. SHE BANGED MY FUCKING DAD. Oh, and that's not all, folks! THEY DID IT IN MY ROOM! If you're wondering how I know the room part, I found cum all over my sheets. I ditched her soon after that and could never look at my dad the same way again. Thanks for ruining my relationship with my father, Carol!"


    2. "I'm a hairstylist, and years ago, I did the hair of a nice family. The mom and kiddos would get their haircut during the day, and the dad would come in by himself after work or on the weekend. One day the dad comes in, and fairly soon after I start cutting his hair, he tells me about his penis implant. Apparently he had a balloon or something implanted to help him get hard and stay hard. This was information I did not want to know. He was so proud of it that he would not shut up. All I could think was, how am I going to face his wife without cracking up? That was the fastest I ever did a haircut."


    3. "A complete stranger in a drug-induced, psychotic episode confessed to me that they killed a family of four and cut their fingers off, leaving the fingers in their designated bedrooms."

    "That same day, I found a prop finger that was cut off at the bone outside of a gas station. I almost passed out in a state of shock."


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    4. "My mom got dinner with a high school friend, his brother, and his father. She sent me a picture of all of them, and they looked like they were having a great time. She later told me that she had a five-year-long affair with the father that spanned multiple cities, and the friend still doesn't know."


    5. "My sister started getting weird calls and threats via text and email, getting put on really gross subscriptions, and getting signed up for therapy for really gross reasons. Turns out, my then-husband had developed an infatuation with her and was taking it out on her in this weird and negative way. She is 20 years younger than him, by the way. He denied it was him for months and months until she finally caught an exact date and time for an email signup sent to her by a website, so I confronted him and asked him to let me look at his phone if he had nothing to hide."

    "Knowing exactly what I was looking for, I found it in his browser history almost immediately. He confessed his 'crush' on her and said that making her life hell was his way of 'trying to get over her.' That was the end of our relationship, though he begged to go to couples therapy. It took six months to get away from that narcissist P.O.S., but I found a place to move out, and it's been quite a ride. I am glad to have got away from that toxic b.s. Three years later, he still follows her on social media and makes my family feel icky when he's mentioned."


    6. This lady I'd met a couple of times at a coffee shop told me her secret to attracting men. She said she sticks a finger in her vagina and dabs the secretion on her neck like perfume! She says it works like crazy! It was hard to keep a straight face when I saw her after that."


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    7. "My best friend casually admitted that he'd slept with our male bosses and multiple male coworkers, all of whom are married...to women. He also showed me proof of the DMs they'd sent him. It was definitely hard to go to work the next day and see everyone — especially the boss' wife who works there too."


    8. "A coworker shared that a police officer groped her as a teen. Awful, yes, but she shared this in an icebreaker 'getting to know you' session! So awkward."


    9. "One of my friends was six months pregnant with her fiancée's baby, and everyone was really happy and excited for them. One day, she came to my house for lunch and confessed that the baby wasn't her fiancée's. I was shocked because I never knew her to be a cheater, but I was even more shocked when she said the father was MY BROTHER. She asked me to keep it a secret, but that was too much. I told her she had a week to tell her fiancée or I would. She ended up telling him, and they called off the engagement. My brother wanted to try and make things work, but she said, 'It was a one-time thing.' They co-parent now, but damn, was that a bomb to drop."


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    10. "My former friend told me that her sister's child doesn't know who her father is, and no one will tell her because it is actually their first cousin."


    11. "A guy in my hometown killed his girlfriend at our local small airport in the middle of the night by pushing her into the propeller of the small plane he was intending to fly her home across the state in. He reported her missing, and for quite a while, everyone looked for her and believed that she had walked away from his house in the middle of the night and just disappeared. Later on, a couple of hunters found her wrapped in a piece of carpet in the woods off a dead-end dirt road about two to three miles from the airstrip."

    "About a week or so later, I was just chilling with my friend at my mom's house when he said, 'Dude, I'm probably going to prison.' I had no idea what he was talking about, but he explained how he had gotten a call in the middle of the night and went to help the guy clean up the mess and hide her body. I don't really remember exactly how I responded, but I was freaked out for sure. Another week or so passed before he was arrested at his house down the street from my mom's. He did some prison time, and I lost touch with him."


    12. "A friend (A), who was maybe 27 or 28 and had been married at least eight or nine years, told a friend (B) and me that she'd never had an orgasm. Ever. We were dumbfounded, and when we left her house, B and I just exploded at each other with shock. B is usually pretty conservative but said, 'SHE'S NEVER EVEN HAD ONE MASTURBATING? DOES SHE EVEN MASTURBATE? EVEN I GOTTA CUM SOMETIMES!!!!' I lost touch with A a while ago, but I still wonder if she ever got comfortable enough with herself and her husband to experience a nice O."


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    13. "Not me, but my mom. My grandmother told my mom, her daughter-in-law, that she had tried to abort her firstborn child, my dad's older sister, before she was born but that 'the mustard seed bath didn't work.' I always wondered why my grandmother felt the urge to tell her daughter-in-law this."


    14. I'm a nurse. When I was fairly new, I cared for an 80-year-old lady who was extremely nice. She'd come into the ER by ambulance for a prolapsed rectum. I asked her if she was in any pain or needed anything for her comfort, and she told me, 'This isn't my first rodeo, honey. I'm fine.' I asked her how long ago this happened before, and she told me, 'This happens all the time. Let's just say it's seen a lot of 'action,' and it was totally worth it.'"


    15. "I worked with a guy who could not have been more opposite of my values and politics. He was a loud, conservative Christian patriarch capitalist type. I am none of those things. We really got on each other's nerves, and the project was suffering as a result. One day, he came into my office and said, 'Did I ever tell you that I went to prison?' My jaw dropped. He shared his whole story about how he made some shady financial deals years ago and went to prison. He lost his business and nearly lost his family. He spent years repairing the damage. I appreciated his vulnerability in sharing his story. It made me see him in a new light, and we actually became friends as a result. Who knew it was possible?"


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    16. "My husband and I went shoe shopping in an artsy little tourist town, and I kept finding more things I liked, so we were there for a while. The proprietor seemed to really enjoy talking to us and randomly escalated to telling us in graphic detail about a rich, famous artist sexually assaulting her at some event. It was a weird story to tell strangers, for sure, but stranger yet: she shared it like it was a funny story and not a big deal."


    17. "My parents were getting divorced, and my dad casually told me how they hadn't done the deed in over ten years because my mom once made him go to a doctor's appointment where her doctor sat my dad down alone and told him how it was hurting my mom when they did it. He was so embarrassed and angry that she wouldn't tell him that herself, so he flat-out refused to sleep with her for over ten years. He also said that she made it audibly and visibly seem like she loved it, so he was beyond baffled when the doctor lectured him. There were many other problems in their marriage, but that definitely wasn't something I expected to hear."


    18. "I share a small office with two other women. One coworker revealed to me that the other coworker was a virgin. We are all in our 40s, and she slipped up one day and told me she was worried about her. She said, 'I'm worried she could have cancer or something because she has never been to the gyno. She has never been because she thought you had to have had sex for it to matter.' I was floored. That was not her place to tell that personal information."


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    19. "I'm a teacher. A parent told me she was having deodorant problems and that her armpits were super itchy and enflamed during parent-teacher interviews."


    20. I was 17 or 18 and worked at a coffee shop (you know, that super popular one?), and the woman in the drive-thru window sounded sad over the headset, maybe like she'd been crying. When she got to the window, it was very obvious she had been, so I asked what was wrong. She said she didn't want to bother me with something dumb like her problems, but I insisted. I love to listen to people. With a deep sigh, she said, 'My boyfriend just tried to kill my daughter.' This was at, like, 6 p.m. on a Thursday!"


    21. "For years, I supported my friend who chose to stick by her husband and suffer while being cheated on repeatedly. It wasn't a secret, so while they remained together, I often struggled not to be too judgy to her spouse. My friend attended therapy and often asked to meet up for coffee to vent, but she would end up canceling because she didn't want me to feel uncomfortable around her husband. They were social and liked to host parties. At one event, she confessed the whole time her spouse had been cheating; she, too, was being unfaithful."

    Nobody knew because our friend was smarter and knew how to cover her tracks better. Also, she wasn't going to therapy — when she canceled our coffee dates, she did it to go on dates with her boyfriend. She begged me not to tell my husband, but all the lying and looking for sympathy was too much. Apparently, her husband knew the whole time but wasn't complaining because of the extra money she was 'bringing in' from the other men in her life."


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    22. "I've been a chaplain for several years, and you would be surprised at how many people confess to things before they pass. It can be something as simple as drug use or cheating or stealing up to things that they could've gone to jail for. It's almost always something that has happened in the past. Nothing is happening now. It's mostly just their conscience. But at least once a month, I walk away, saying, 'What the hell just happened?'"


    23. "A woman I worked retail with, who up until that point was the sweetest, gentlest middle-aged lady I'd ever met, told me the most disturbing story about her family. This was in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina; she and her family had lived there for generations. They were well-known and well-loved by basically everyone for being kind and generous neighbors. One casual Wednesday, as my coworker and I were restocking shelves, she told me that years ago, her sister-in-law's boyfriend was caught assaulting the SIL's very young child. She then witnessed the men of the family, including her husband, take the boyfriend deep into the mountains and return several hours later without him. He was never seen or heard from again."

    "There was a bare-bones investigation, but nothing ever came of it. The especially shocking thing wasn't just that she had essentially confessed to being a witness — even an accomplice — to a possible murder. It's that she told me the story so calmly, so evenly, and so unapologetically. She never brought up anything like it again and knitted me a baby bonnet as a gift when I left on maternity leave a few months later. I still think about her."


    24. "My married coworker confessed to me that she'd been having an extramarital affair with her married Pentecostal Preacher for the last three years. This came up because I caught one of our employees stealing money from our organization. I said there is never a good reason to embezzle funds, and she told me how her preacher had been stealing money from their church and hiding it away for them to start a new life together one day. She said that her youngest son (who is freakishly tall given the stature of her and her husband) is actually the preacher's son! Houston, Texas, is wild. She thought her 'love story' showed there are times when embezzlement is justified."


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    25. "A friend told me that their ex-boyfriend accidentally burned down their apartment in a multi-family home with a cigarette on the window ledge. The fire investigators ruled it an unknown-cause accident, so they never copped to it. Thankfully, everyone had the necessary insurance, so it all worked out okay, but man, what a story to just toss out there 'no biggie.'"


    26. "Not me, my wife. Early in our relationship, we flew to my hometown, where I had a function, so she had to spend dinner alone with my mom. She was a little nervous because they'd only met a couple of times, and I'd always been around. At their dinner, my mom ended up telling her about how my paternal grandmother died in a car crash before I was born. This I knew. But my mom also told her that my maternal grandmother — my mom's mom — caused the crash. Even I didn't know this. I don't think it was a secret as much as something that was never, ever talked about. Anyway, you can imagine how shocked and uncomfortable my wife was learning this."


    27. "My mom told my siblings for years that she and their dad split because he cheated on her while she was in the hospital having my sister. This was a constant 'your dad did x and is such a horrible person for doing that to me' mentality she pushed onto them. It influenced their relationship with and the opinion they had of their dad. She finally admitted when they were in their 30s that she had a history of cheating on him first. Way to make him out to be the villain for their entire lives."


    Did someone make a confession to you that made you go "I can't believe they just told me that!" If so, let us know in the comments or via this anonymous form.