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Did Someone Confess Something To You That Made You Go, “I Can’t Believe They Just Told Me That!”

It's absolutely unbelievable what some people will run their mouths about.

Everyone has secrets — some small, some big (some shockingly huge!) — but most people keep these to themselves. And the bigger the secret, the more likely they are to never tell a soul about it.

Dwight from "The Office" gestures for silence with a finger over his lips, Phyllis in background. They're in an office setting

But some people, for reasons only they understand (or maybe because they drank too much alcohol), confess things to others they really, really, REALLY shouldn't.

For example, maybe your partner admitted sexual interest in your mom/dad, sister/brother, or BFF, and you just can't get over it.

Closeup of Brody Jenner

Or maybe a family member confessed something about your family history that changes EVERYTHING you thought you knew about your family...and not in a good way.

Woman with a shocked expression, blonde hair, wearing a dark top

Perhaps a friend confessed to doing something so ethically repugnant — like lying about having had cancer or stealing money from their mom and letting the maid take the blame — that it effectively ended things between you.

Close-up of a distraught character, possibly from a TV show, with a subtitle text expressing a desire to never see someone again

Or maybe someone you barely knew — a drunk person at a bar, for example — casually dropped the fact that they'd committed a major crime!

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Whatever the wild confession is that someone told you, we want to hear it! Let us know in the comments below or via this anonymous form and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!