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"WE HAVE A BABY, YOU NEED TO MOVE": This Mom's Viral Post About Her Baby Being Bumped At A Rave Completely Backfired

"I sincerely do not understand why anyone would think it’s appropriate to bring a child to a rave and then be shocked when people are outraged."

I honestly can't contain myself while writing this, so I'm just going to get right into it. There's a mom who's going viral for taking her 10-month-old baby to a rave and then complaining about people...acting like they're at a rave.

Text from a social media post expressing frustration over people being inconsiderate at a concert, mentioning a child's presence and calling for more respectful behavior at events

Here's what happened in the mom's own words: "Just a little reminder, if you ever go to a show and see a child or baby there, I don't care how lost you are, have some respect."

"Last night I went to Zeds Dead here in Spokane...and it was an awful experience. People kept bumping into my 10-month-old son, one guy spilled his drink on me and would not stop bumping into me. I got smacked randomly a few times and, the worst part, we got so packed that we were literally unable to move.

"I had to yell at everyone as I was shoving my way through the crowd, 'WE HAVE A BABY, YOU NEED TO MOVE.' And people were very rude about it."

"It's not that hard to have fun and still be considerate of each other. That's what this community should be about. Not getting so messed up that you become completely unaware of yourself and your surroundings."

"Raving should be a safe and enjoyable environment for anyone – not a place where people go to be rude and hurt each other," she concluded. 

Comments under the post went...well, they went just as you may have imagined.

"I sincerely do not understand why anyone would think it's appropriate to bring a child to a rave and then be shocked when people are outraged," Reddit user GamerGirlLex77 said. 

"'My baby was happy,'" user Jolly_Security_4771 mimicked a part of the mom's updated post. "Hell no that baby wasn't. That had to be hell on earth."

"Most babies just loooove the chaos of being bumped into and spilled on in a loud environment," they continued sarcastically. That's why you see babies on the bar dancefloor at 2 a.m." 

"Parents are totally detached from reality," user lastaeconds tacked on. " I honestly can not imagine a more terrifying place for a 10-month-old baby to be."

And user Artemis1022 rounded out the opinions by insisting: "Being a parent means giving up the shit you wanna do sometimes. Can’t find a babysitter? Already bought the tickets? That's tough, should have stayed home instead of putting yourself first and your baby in danger."

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In response to the criticism, the mom said: "For all y'all that want to clown [on my post], go do something else with your lives. Seriously, if you have to sit here and drag on some ridiculous drama that I've MOVED ON FROM, then you all can, too."

"Go find someone else to judge and criticize for their choices. Seriously, if this is entertaining for you, you're focussing on the wrong things. My family is happy and healthy and honestly all this unnecessary toxicity has turned me away from the rave community." 


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