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    People Are Calling Out The Infuriating Home Feature They Didn't Notice Until After They Moved In

    "Not a huge deal, but it threw me for a loop a few days after we moved in."

    Recently, we shared some pet peeves people only noticed about their homes after they moved in, and in the comments, members of the BuzzFeed Community chimed in to share what drives them bananas about their house or apartment. Here's what they had to say:

    1. "One thing about our house that's not a huge problem, but over the top — phone jacks EVERYWHERE. The guy who built our house lived in it as well. We have a room between the main part of the house and the garage with a second front door because he used that as his office. But there are an excessive amount of phone jacks in the house. We have phones in each of the bedrooms, each of the bathrooms, and in the larger rooms downstairs there are so many jacks I lost count. Our house was built in the mid-90s. Cordless phones existed. I don't understand why so many phone jacks were necessary, yet we have no coat closet."

    Vintage-style beige telephone on a polished wood surface against a wooden wall

    2. "In our house, it's the fact that to get inside from the back door, you have to walk through the kitchen/scullery into the dining room/kitchen (which are separated by a narrow wall but basically function as one) and then into the passage. This is fine, except the person who designed it put the outlets right where the wall is, so if someone opens the fridge, you can't get past it. My father. My father designed and built the house (out of brick; he was a bricklayer). Dad, wherever you are up there, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!!"


    3. "I rent, and I don't think it's the current owner who did it, but somebody built a closet with doors right in front of a heater vent. We use it for storage since there are very few closets in this house. We have to keep it closed so the cats don't mess with everything. In our current bedroom, the closet has no doors, and I suspect a vent in the kitchen was also covered when they built a pantry."


    4. "Having a backyard with a ton of trees. Maintenance in the fall is a nightmare, and it takes us five to six hours every other Saturday to rake and bag all the leaves. We wound up hiring someone this year, and it cost us an arm and a leg. It was either that or lose our weekends come October."

    Person using a rake to gather fallen leaves in a backyard

    5. "We have a condo downtown and didn't realize there are not true windows in the whole place except the patio doors in the living room and bedroom. Not a huge deal, but it threw me for a loop a few days after we moved in."


    6. "Our last house was a compact little cape with a finished basement and a small second-story built up into the pitched roof. Someone converted a hall closet on this tiny floor into a bathroom, but no one larger than a child could actually fit in it to use the toilet. Someone also added central air but did nothing to the ventilation (there were no returns on the second floor). This meant the basement would be easily 15 degrees colder than the second floor which never really cooled off."


    7. "Our house was built in 1927. Apparently, having only one outlet per room was appropriate back then?!"

    Overloaded wall outlet with multiple power cords plugged in, creating a safety hazard

    8. "My townhouse doesn't have a linen closet or a coat closet. Have you ever thought about how many coats and jackets you own? I've lived there for three years and have tried SO many different solutions for storing coats and linens. IKEA shoe cabinets ended up working well for the linens, but all my coats and jackets are currently piled in my utility closet. God help me if anyone needs to get to the water heater."


    9. "I don't live in the home anymore, but I used to live in a home that was only two or three houses down from a busy road. You don't think to sit in silence for a few minutes during a viewing of a home, but do. We were all hustle and bustle and didn't notice the noise until that first night and a loud exhaust car or emergency sirens went down the road."


    10. "Our kitchen doesn’t have a hood above the stovetop. The previous owners remodeled the layout and put the oven in an island. There are two windows, so maybe they thought that provided good enough ventilation, but in reality, there are maybe three to four months out of the year when the weather allows you to open the windows. So, I stock up on lemon-scented Febreze because that is the only thing that works to stop the entire house from smelling like whatever we cooked yesterday."

    Person cooking, stirring a pot on the stove with steam rising

    11. "We have multiple skylights in our house, and I HATE them. We have them in two of our three bedrooms. We need a fan to sleep at night and can't have a ceiling fan because of it. We have a shade over it because the first night sleeping in the house, we woke up with the sun (I taped a black trash bag over it until we could get the shade installed). The shade is always closed, so what's the point? We have two small ones in our master bath, which makes the room like a sauna in the summer. And we have two of them in our living room. The light is nice, but it gets incredibly hot in that room in the summer. When we are at the point of replacing our roof, those things are getting removed."


    12. "I moved into a darling hundred-year-old house that had just been remodeled and fell in love with its character. The only problem is when I’m in bed and a large truck goes by on the busy road in front of the house, my bed shakes! There’s no way I could have known before I moved in!"


    13. "Switches. So many light switches. Each bathroom has four: the fan, the lights over the sink, the fan, and the light in the fan. I don't know if the second fan switch was supposed to turn on both the fan and the light simultaneously, or if four gangs were just cheaper than three. I do know nobody goes into a dark bathroom in the middle of the night and gropes for the switch closest to the door so they can turn on the fan first."

    Three light switches on a wall, with the middle switch in the 'ON' position and the others 'OFF'

    14. "I rented a townhouse once next to an elementary school. Every morning at 5 a.m. a refrigerated truck that was really loud would come to deliver milk to the school."


    15. "My kitchen sink! It’s a double sink, but the partition in the middle only comes up halfway. So when I’m doing dishes, I can’t fill one side with water. I can only fill it halfway. I’d rather have a full partition or just one huge sink. I swear to god, this was invented by the same guy who invented the fuzzy toilet seat!"


    16. "The master bath in my current house has a barn door closure. Sure, it looks cool until you or your partner ate something that doesn't particularly agree with their stomach. You can hear EVERYthing…"

    Sliding barn door in a modern home interior, partially open to reveal an adjoining room

    17. "I lived somewhere with only one functioning kitchen drawer! It drove me nuts and now counting kitchen drawers is a top priority."


    18. "I didn't realize until after I bought my house that wind was going to be such a problem. I have a beautiful unobstructed view of the mountains directly south in my backyard, but this means there’s nothing to break the 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts that we get pretty regularly. I can't keep anything lightweight or unsecured in my backyard, and the last wind storm tore apart my flimsy vinyl fence gates, and now I have to pay an unexpected $2k + to get reinforced custom-sized metal gates built & installed. During wind storms, I literally can't keep my gates closed against the wind."


    19. "Oh man. I thought I was of average height at 5'5" for a woman, but we have three toilets in our house, and I have to be on my tiptoes no matter which one I sit on."

    Toilet with extra rolls of toilet paper on the tank, set against a blue wall

    20. And finally, "One of the reasons we bought our house was because it had a front porch. I didn't realize until we moved in that the porch blocked off the natural light in the living room, plus the living room was really tiny. And we could only use the porch about four months out of the year. Ultimately, we built the living room out into the footprint of the porch to get more light and space we could use year-round."


    Is there something about your home that only started to bug you after you moved in? Tell us about it in the comments.