"I Think My Brain Broke In That Moment": Men And Women Are Sharing Things They Just Recently Found Out About The Other Gender

    "When my wife said, 'Sometimes women don't want our problems fixed, we just want to vent about them.' I think my brain broke in that moment."

    Although I grew up with a brother, there are still a lot of things that confuse me when it comes to men and their ways. Honestly, the same goes for guys — I'm sure women confuse them just as much! So I found this thread where u/ExtraVex asked, "What was the biggest surprise about the other gender that you never knew about?" to be full of surprising replies! Here is what some people had to say:

    1. "I learned that men don't actually shit for an hour; it's their 'getaway peace and quiet' time. I was thinking every man had IBS."

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    2. "As a woman, a guy's junk is much higher than I would have thought. I was always so shocked to see guys sitting with their legs crossed because I figured they had to be crushing everything together."


    3. "How intense periods can be. It can literally change a person for a couple of days every month. It can also feel like someone is stabbing your uterus every month. That's a week out of your life every month battling with mood swings, abdominal cramps, and constant bleeding for up to a week or more. I have the utmost respect for women."


    4. "When my wife said, 'Sometimes women don't want our problems fixed, we just want to vent about them.' I think my brain broke in that moment."


    5. "I didn't realize how toxic society is towards men showing emotion. I know it generally expects women to be the criers and men to be the stoic ones, but the amount of toxicity that’s rained down on men if they cry is horrific."

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    6. "For me, it's how different the world appears to women. For one, women are much better at detecting subtle emotional cues than men. It's why a woman will say, 'Did you see how that bitch just looked at me?' and a guy will be like, 'What? She's just looking at you.'"


    7. "How much mental and physical effort women put into their personal security on a daily basis."


    8. "Women can have multiple orgasms during sex while men have to recharge after one orgasm."

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    9. "Women's worst enemy in the workplace is usually not men, it’s other women. According to my wife, usually old women who are in their 50s and for some reason want to put younger, more successful women down."


    10. "That men will sit there and think about nothing."


    11. "That women like bras less than we do."

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    12. "That guys don't have the same levels or types of friendships that girls develop. Or at least that is the way it has been explained to me by multiple guys now. I'm antisocial, very shy, and super introverted, but my best friend gets told everything about my life. We bounce things off each other, help each other figure out our emotions and frustrations, and appropriate responses, etc. There is pretty much no off-limits topic. And apparently, guys just don't have that? Who do you all talk to about your problems? How do you help figure out if what you're feeling is valid or if you're overreacting? Who do you vent to when things are shitty?"


    13. "Most men don't pee through the hole in the boxers, briefs, or undies. They unzip their pants, pull the waist of their underwear down, and pee that way."

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    14. "That men pretty much mean what they say. There is no underlying message or meaning. Women can convey five different things in one word. You need a decoder ring. Once I understood this, my relationship with my husband improved 100%. I quit being angry with him if he didn't pick up what I was really feeling and just said things directly."


    Is there anything that surprised you about the other gender? If so, share it with me in the comments below!