Prepare To Feel The Wrath Of These 19 Minor Annoyances That Will Destroy Your Day

    The universe can spiral you at any moment.

    1. This is how someone decided to layout the lights on their kitchen ceiling:

    A wall with a grid of protruding circular features, and a partial view of kitchen cabinetry to the left

    2. This person who paid extra for a window seat:

    Airplane cabin with empty beige business class seats and folded blankets

    3. And this is what one airline considers a veggie sandwich:

    A hand holding a sandwich with tomato and cucumber on a flight tray table with a crossword puzzle

    4. This hotel room that thought it made sense to face the TV toward the window instead of the bed:

    Hotel room with a bed, side tables, TV, dresser, and a blue suitcase on the floor

    5. This pepperoni pizza that received a singular pepperoni:

    Box of Red Baron classic crust pepperoni pizza next to the actual pizza on a baking tray

    6. This mini can of about 4.5 chips for sale:

    Person holding a jar of Le Prove Papas-Cramberry snacks

    7. This tricky $100 bill that someone stopped and turned around on the road to grab:

    Person holding a fake $100 bill with "MOVIE PROP USE" printed on it

    8. This sign might really make you angry — especially for the person who walked in the rain on their lunch break to try it and it wasn't open. The wording is a reference to the show and book called Good Omens.

    Business door sign with humorous hours of operation, indicating irregular and whimsical open times

    9. This mall that makes you scan their QR code to see what the store hours are:

    Sign with a QR code for viewing mall hours, text above reads "SCAN TO VIEW MALL HOURS"

    10. This outlet covering that makes it impossible to plug most things in:

    Hand plugging in a charger into an airplane seat power outlet, next to a maximum power label

    11. This fact that five years of experience is part of the qualifications for a STUDENT INTERN administrative assistant position:

    Job posting detailing qualifications, experience, education, licenses, and additional requirements for a position

    12. This movie theatre that decided to charge $9 for Doritos and a scoop of nacho cheese:

    Person holding an open bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos with a container of cheese dip, standing indoors

    13. And this burger place that forgot to remove the plastic from the cheese:

    14. This person who accidentally washed their $536 paycheck:

    Hand holding a crumpled piece of paper on a keyboard background

    15. This person who couldn't finish the puzzle because it has two repeated pieces:

    16. This waterproof rainboot that ended up like this after the person wore them once:

    Close-up of a worn-out black boot with noticeable treads, covered in small droplets

    17. This straw that Starbucks gave this drink:

    Person holding a large frosted beverage in a car, with a road and vehicles visible through the windshield

    18. This monster in the home who doesn't replace the toilet paper correctly:

    Toilet paper roll on a metal holder against a wall

    19. And this actual catastrophic incident when someone decided to put their bare foot on your arm rest on the plane:

    Passenger's armrest taken by another's hand, personal space encroachment on a flight