These products have improved the homes (and lives) of thousands of people!!

Abby Kass • 23 hours ago

Honestly, I spend more time in the morning thinking about what I'm going to wear than actually getting ready.

Abby Kass • One day ago

Parenting is hard, so you might as well try to make it as easy as you possibly can!

Abby Kass • One day ago

Listen — you'll feel so much better by the time 2019 rolls around, I promise!

Abby Kass • 3 days ago

Everything in this list is under $50, and now I have no more money.

Abby Kass • 3 days ago

🎵'Cause you had a bad day. 🎵

Abby Kass • 10 days ago

All of them are under $100 — and most of them are under $50!!

Abby Kass • 12 days ago

Items that will basically make you a member of The Finer Things Club.

Abby Kass • 14 days ago

Take your love of Tasty to the ~next level~.

Abby Kass • 15 days ago

"Yeti or not, here comes Christmas!"

Abby Kass • 15 days ago

Chic style on a budget is easier than you think.

Abby Kass • 16 days ago

Treat yo' closet (and yourself)!

Abby Kass • 26 days ago

🎵These shoes are made for walking. 🎵

Abby Kass • 28 days ago

There is no shame in the comfort game.

Abby Kass • 29 days ago

No shipping required!

Jessie Gaynor • 10 months ago

Flavored caramels, sour gummies, gluten-free tarts, Italian cookies, and more perfect desserts for every kind of sweet tooth, as recommended by the BuzzFeeders who love them.

Jessie Gaynor • 8 months ago

Whether that pretension is literary, gastronomic, or generalized.

Jessie Gaynor • 12 months ago

Cut the carbs, keep the flavor.

Jessie Gaynor • One year ago

Sneakers for $30?!? Leggings for $15?!? Just take my entire paycheck now.

Abby Kass • One month ago