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43 Things That'll Help You Start Your New Year's Resolutions *Now*

Don't let hindsight be ~2020~ on this one.

Abby Kass 9 hours ago

These 35 Tops From Amazon Look *So* Good On And We Have The Receipts To Prove It

...and those receipts are photos from actual people.

Abby Kass One day ago

33 Products That Look Cool *And* Work Well

Products that basically have beauty and brains.

Abby Kass 3 days ago

34 Things For When You Need A Little Pick-Me-Up

🎵'Cause you had a bad day. 🎵

Abby Kass 4 days ago

41 Coats That Are Great For Winter

Get prepared because Winter. Is. Coming.

Abby Kass 6 days ago

28 Pairs Of Jeans You'll Probably Never Want To Take Off

Jeans can (and, TBH, should) be so comfortable you don't want to take them off.

Abby Kass 6 days ago

31 Splurge-Worthy Basics You Should Just Take The Plunge On And Buy Already

Classic, high-quality pieces that never go out of style.

Abby Kass 9 days ago
Abby Kass 9 days ago

46 Things Under $100 On Amazon People Swear By

Products that have improved the lives of thousands of people, so maybe they'll improve your life too?

Abby Kass 9 days ago
Abby Kass 11 days ago
Abby Kass 12 days ago

39 Pairs Of Boots That Only *Look* Expensive

"Well, there goes all my money." —me while writing this post.

Abby Kass 13 days ago
Abby Kass 14 days ago

These 33 Sweaters From Amazon Are *So* Cute And We Have The Receipts To Prove It

Sweaters so cute reviewers just *had* to post photos in them.

Abby Kass 17 days ago

31 Things Reviewers Say Look More Expensive Than They Are

Buying nice things with small price tags is one of my main goals in life, TBH.

Abby Kass 18 days ago

28 Ways To Decorate Your Home If You Basically Never Want To Leave It

Those plans I made on Friday night? Consider them cancelled.

Abby Kass 19 days ago

29 Subscription Boxes That'll Help You Find Your Next Hobby

Because (sadly) Netflix bingeing can only be your hobby until you run out of things to watch.

Abby Kass 20 days ago

27 Home Products You May Think You Don't Need, But You Probably Actually Do

Small things that might just make a big difference in your home.

Abby Kass 24 days ago

29 Things To Help You Look Great Even When You're Running Late

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date" —The White Rabbit and you (probably)

Abby Kass 24 days ago
Abby Kass 26 days ago