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    Once You Try These 32 Products, They Might Just Become Staples In Your Life

    Including some pimple patches one review said they'd "always have" in their house from now on.

    1. A pack of Swedish dishcloths that are made to be super absorbent, so you can use them to clean your whole kitchen in one swoop and then throw them in the washer when you're done. Say goodbye to using roll after roll of paper towel when you have these!

    Promising reviews: "These are durable and somehow they don't stain. I don't get it, but I've had one at the sink for a week now and have wiped up lots of dirty stuff and EVERY TIME it washes off. These have quickly become a staple in my kitchen." —barre l

    "These are awesome! I rarely use paper towels anymore. Great for cleanup just about anywhere. They also wash easily in the washing machine. I throw them in with regular dish towels and hang them to dry. They have held up through many washes. Highly recommend! I bought a 10-pack and do not need all of them. They are so easy to rinse and reuse, I gave some to friends. Five is the perfect amount, so grab a pack and give a few to friends." —Freefaller28

    Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $18.49+ (available in nine color packs). 

    2. A pack of Mighty Patch pimple spot treatment to basically work magic on your acne. Simply apply one to the spot before bed, and it will work as you sleep to pull out all the gunk in your pimple. You'll wake up to smaller, less red zit.

    Promising review: "I heard all about these on TikTok, so I decided to order. I switched my birth control and was having a ton of breakouts, these are amazing! They helped me stop picking at my face and my skin is so clear now. I will always have these in my house from now on!" —Kiara Galloway 

    Get it from Amazon for $10.77.

    3. A rapid egg cooker you can use to make hard-, medium-, or soft-boiled eggs in a matter of minutes. So goodbye to not knowing what you're going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week.

    The rapid egg in red with a transparent dome lid showing six eggs in it
    BuzzFeed shopping writer's seasoned hard-boiled eggs
    Amazon, Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed

    Multiple people on the BuzzFeed Shopping team love this little device and so others, as it has more than 93,000 5-star ratings. Plus, it comes with a recipe book to help you come up with a few new ideas to try.

    Promising review: "I am not a fan of 'extra gadgets' in the kitchen. They clutter things up as far as I am concerned. But this truly is a game changer for my hard-boiled eggs. I have tried EVERY method in the book for hard boiling. This cooks them perfectly — no gray rings. They peel with no struggles at all! The only drawback is that you can only do six at a time, but it goes so quickly that I don't even mind that all. Easy to use, easy to clean. You won't be disappointed in this gadget — it does what it is meant to do perfectly! —Sarah Z

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in seven colors).

    And read one BuzzFeed writer's full review of the Dash rapid egg cooker.

    4. A 3D Ostrichpillow eye mask designed to contour to your face so you can get a 100% blackout experience whenever and wherever you need to sleep. Your eyes won't get squished — you can even blink with it on!

    GIF of Jasmin in a sun-filled room putting the mask on
    Jasmin holding the eye mask to show the contoured eye cups
    Jasmin Sandal/BuzzFeed

    Former BuzzFeed Shopping editor Jasmin Sandal says, "I'll be the first to admit it, I'm a little high maintenance when it comes to my sleep. I need complete darkness and complete quiet. So when I know I'm going anywhere that doesn't believe in blackout blinds, or just regular ol' blinds for that matter, I always pack an eye mask. The only problem is, I've struggled to find one that A) doesn't move around when I sleep and B) doesn't let the bleeding light shine through. So as you can imagine, I was just *thrilled* when the Ostrichpillow 100% Blackout Eye Mask was put on my radar — I jumped at the chance to test it out. And, people, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It's super reliable with blocking 1-0-0 percent of the light, and it has an amazing ergonomic design that carves out space for your eyes so your eyelashes don't get all squished — plus, there's even enough room for you to blink, if you wanted to! It's certainly thicker than your average eye mask and sleeping on your side with it on takes some getting used to. But hey, if it stops lamp light, sunlight...whatever kinda light from disturbing my sleep, it's totally worth it."

    Get it from Amazon for $45 (available in two colors).

    5. A microwave pasta cooker, because waiting for water to boil is the WORST part of making pasta. What's the saying about watching paint dry? Well, when you're hungry, boiling water is worse than that.

    The clear rectangular container with pasta in it with the water being poured out
    Reviewer image of the pasta they made using the pasta cooker

    Plus, it's super easy to use. Just measure how much pasta you want to cook using the serving size holes in the top of the container. Then add water to the level etched on the side of the container. With the lid off, heat the container in the microwave. One serving usually takes about 12 to 13 minutes. Then put the lid on, hold the sides, and pour the water out. (This part will be very hot.)

    Promising review: "I love this pasta cooker! I use it every day! I like that the lid fits loosely so that I can quickly drain the cooked pasta without any spilling out. It is very sturdy and easy to use. When I am finished, I just rinse the starch off and that’s it! It saves me a lot of time and stores well. The only thing I would like more would be a choice for a smaller size. My microwave is too small so the cooker can’t turn on the rotation." —J. Reynolds

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    6. A Revlon one-step hairdryer and volumizer brush that's a viral sensation for a reason — it cuts drying time in half *and* helps you easily create a salon-worthy blowout at home. You'll be ~blown~ away by the results. 

    reviewer image of the brush
    reviewer showing the blowout they did using the brush

    Promising review: "I’m not one to write a review, but this brush has left me speechless. I have curly hair, it usually takes me 1hr to get my hair straight. 45min blow drying with brush and blower, 15min to flat iron.

    "I’ve tried many dryer brushes and none have been strong enough to straighten my hair on the first go, that’s why I chose to keep doing it the old-fashioned way. I am in LOVEEEEE. It not only reduced my drying time by half, but it does an amazing job. Left my hair looking like a salon blow, shiny, straight, and with volume. My roots have always been a struggle and this brush got them done perfectly." —kriver12

    Get it from Amazon for $48.74+ (available in nine colors).

    7. A game-changing dishwashing spray to coat your dirty dishes completely. This will make it super simple to wipe away the caked-on grease from your breakfast dishes you just didn't have the time or energy to clean in the morning. 

    Promising review: "Best cleaning product I have ever used. TikTok doesn’t lie…on this one at least." —R. Oakeson

    BuzzFeed Shopping Editor Elizabeth Lilly also loves this spray. Here's what she has to say: "I live in an apartment without a dishwasher, and I honestly use that as an excuse to order takeout food instead of cooking. But, as soon as I got my hands on a bottle of this stuff (regular Dawn is my go-to dish soap, BTW), I put it to use on both a saucepan I used to make homemade enchilada sauce *and* the casserole dish I baked those enchiladas, which had a ton of caked-on food. It really does work like I say it does! Like, scary well." 

    Get the starter pack from Amazon for $17.50.

    8. Kenra's Platinum Blow-Dry Spray you apply to your hair after washing it to not only protect it from heat and tame frizz but also cut down your drying time by 50%. You'll be out the door in no time with beautiful hair in the morning, even if you press snooze a couple of times.

    Reviewer showing blown out hair after using product
    Reviewer holding product in hand

    Promising review: "I LOVE the smell of this! Bought it due to frizzing from coloring my hair, but really didn't believe that it shortened the drying time. I mean, how can something putting moisture on your hair shorten the drying time, right? I was shocked. I don't know if it cut it down by 50%, but I did notice blow-drying my hair took quite a bit less time. I am sold on this stuff. Makes my hair feel like silk, but not greasy (I was worried about it making my hair greasy) and it takes only a few sprays to get the results. I hold it about 15 inches from my head and spray the top, both sides and the back once, then rub it in with my hands. Perfect!" —Janice C. Henderson

    Get it from Amazon for $28 (available in three sizes and in combo packs).

    9. pet hair remover for any pet parent who can't seem to escape the loads of hair that end up covering their furniture. Seriously, sometimes it feels like they lose every single hair on their body every day. Simply roll it on the upholstery, and it will grab every last strand.

    GIF of reviewer using the chom chom roller to remove fur from a couch
    reviewer image of a chom chom roller open to reveal all the collected pet hair inside

    Promising review: "TikTok made me buy this, and it is money well spent!! I’m convinced that my beagle sheds a full coat of hair and regrows it daily! I use this on my bed every single day and it blows my mind how well it works. Before this I was going through 4–5 disposable sticky rollers a month and spending 3x longer to remove dog hair. I am buying these for everyone in my family as Christmas gifts this year! ❤️" —tiff4short

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99 (available in two colors). 

    10. A veggie chopper, slicer, and spiralizer because chopping takes an absurd amount of time. Like, seriously, when I read a recipe and it says it will take 20 minutes, they're not taking my slow chopping skills into account. This gadget will ~cut~ that chopping time in half.

    Reviewer pic of carrots in the middle of the white and black chopper
    the same reviewer now showing how nicely it cut up all the veggies for the recipe

    It comes with a small-dice blade, large-dice blade, spiral blade, and ribbon blade that are interchangeable and gives you the option to chop, slice, and julienne vegetables. Plus, you get a lid with a built-in chop and a storage container to hold the veggies.

    Promising review: "I’ve had this for a couple of months now, and it makes my life SOOOOO much easier. Anything I’ve thrown at it, it’s sliced with ease. Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions, celery, carrots...EASY! I even use to chop the eggs when I make potato salad now since it’s so easy and makes perfect slices.

    "What used to take me three to four mins chopping up an onion and then a face full of ruined makeup, now takes less than one minute and no makeup ruined. The blades are SHARP, definitely be careful when removing them. But the lock on the tray makes it easy and so far I haven’t hurt myself with it. Typically, I’ll use it and then rinse out the top and put it in the dishwasher. It’s been through on the top rack well over 20 times now and still looks brand new. If something ever happens to this one, I’ll be back to get another one. It saves me so much time when cooking dinner!" —Macygrey09

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99 (available in four colors and also two other styles).

    11. hydrating eye stick formulated with glacial waters, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, dimethicone, citric acid, and brown algae to help reduce under-eye circles and puffiness. You can even keep this lil' cutie in its natural temperature (aka the fridge) for a dose of cool that will feel extra refreshing.

    The small polar bear shaped eye stick in a reviewer's hands
    Before and after pic of reviewer with dark under eyes that are gone in the second pic

    Promising reviews: "I have always had serious dark circles and bags under my eyes and this has really changed this for me. The results are incredible. The puffiness is gone. The dark circles are hardly noticeable. My sensitive skin has not broken out. I never write reviews, but this was so good that I had to write a review. This actually works." —Ben

    Get it from Amazon for $9.90

    12. A FURemover Broom that works to remove pet *and* human hair from deep in your carpet that your vacuum can't reach. Plus, it has a squeegee edge so you can also use it to clean your shower, windows, and even car windshield. We love a multipurpose product!

    BuzzFeed editor holding broom with black silicone bristles
    BuzzFeed editor holding up clump of gross hair
    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This sucker is magic. I bought mine three years ago and it still works. I use it to scrape up the dog hair that gets embedded in my living room rug. (We have two basset hounds who are constantly shedding.) The vacuum gets a lot of it, but even after I run the vacuum I can drag this broom over the rug and drag up entire piles of dirt and fur that were missed. It's also great on my kitchen tile. We have a dog door in our kitchen, so our two bassets are always dragging in dirt and making messes. This works better than a broom because it works like a squeegee — nothing gets caught in the broom fibers, and it can clean up damp/wet messes as well." —yetanotherstephanie

    Get it from Amazon for $12.98+ (available in six styles).

    And read one BuzzFeed Shopping writer's full FURemover Broom review here.

    13. A volcanic stone face roller that'll remove all the oil and shine that appears on your face when you're outside. Reviewers like this option better than oil-blotting sheets because the ball can be popped out and washed, making it a reusable and more sustainable option.

    Revlon oil-absorbing volcanic face roller
    Reviewer using Revlon oil-absorbing volcanic face roller

    Promising review: "First off, if you have extremely oily skin, this. is. it. I was so tired of getting blotting powder/wipes. It felt wasteful and always left residue on my face. I saw this on TikTok and NEEDED it. It was back ordered, but then I got an email saying it was in stock, and I was SO excited. Not only is it affordable, but it's washable, which helps you save money and be less wasteful. The packaging wasn't over the top exciting, but it provided you all the info you needed. (It felt like the holy grail had been delivered to my front doorstep.) After my first use, I was in love. Now, it doesn't pickup everything but it does make it more matte and gives you a natural look. I am so excited this product exists and I already feel more confident." —Kelsey B.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.94.