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    This Egg Cooker Is Egg-cellent For Helping Push Me Through Stress-Induced Appetite Loss

    It's fast, easy, and doesn't take up too much ~eggs-tra~ space. What's not to love?

    This Dash Rapid Egg Cooker ($16.99+) helped pull me out of my quarantine eating funk and now, it's literally a permanent part of my household (and basically my family since my mom can't stop using it either 🤷🏿‍♀️).

    An egg cooker with six eggs sitting inside of it with the lid on

    If you think I'm just being eggs-tra, then please, hear me out about this.

    I needed a quick way to make breakfast that worked with the depleted energy levels I was running on. Enter, my beloved, blessed egg cooker.

    The black version of the egg cooker with the transparent lid on which is full of steam

    And it's so easy to use! All you have to do is fill up the container with the amount of water you need. Then, use the bottom of the container (which has a poker) to put a tiny hole on the smaller end of each egg.

    Once the water is in and the eggs are properly poked, it only takes one button to get the cooking started (which is my mom's favorite thing about the egg cooker).

    Close-up of the power button that sits at the center of the egg cooker

    And when the eggs ARE done? 😋

    five halves of hard-boiled eggs with spices on top

    Using my egg cooker has become part of my morning routine, which is super important to me in keeping my head clear for the day ahead and claiming some peace for myself.

    Three split boiled eggs on a plate with sausage links and bacon strips

    After sharing with my BuzzFeed colleagues just how much I agree with the other 13,000+ folks who gave the egg cooker 5-star reviews on Amazon, I found out that it's already a crowd favorite on my team. (Hey, I've only been here for a little under a year, with half of it spent in quarantine, so forgive me for being late to the party, peeps.)

    two halves of one boiled egg on a plate with plain white toast, berries, and slices of cheese

    And here's what BuzzFeed writer Sam Wieder has to say:

    Wieder's hand holding half a hard-boiled egg near a bowl of other boiled eggs sitting on a counter

    Get the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in five colors).

    Plus, super-duper egg lovers will also be happy to know there is a 12-count Dash egg cooker, too!

    An egg cooker with two tiers that hold six eggs each and a single button for powering on and off

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