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    I Shed A Lot And I Swear By This Broom To Get My Hair Out Of The Carpet

    If you or your pet shed a lot, you don't need a bajillion dollar vacuum. You really just need this $12 broom.

    Hello, my name is Emma, and as you can see, I have a lot of hair on my human head.

    BuzzFeed editor with long hair

    While this hair is fun for flipping with dramatic flair when I exit a room, it has also led to some decidedly less cute endeavors, such as ... well.

    Very gross hairball with debris stuck in it

    I shed. A lot. And it gets lodged very deeply into my carpets — like, so deep the vacuum can't reach it. So deep that it traps *other* gross loose particles on the carpet and lodges them, too. Enter the FURemover Evriholder broom, which retails for $12.99 on Amazon.

    BuzzFeed editor posing with broom

    This hair-retrieving broom has over 15,000 5-star reviews for good reason, y'all. Its uniquely-designed silicone bristles dig SUPER duper deep into the carpet and pull up hair in several deeply satisfying swipes. You do have to give it a little muscle sometimes, but it's extremely worth it for the results.

    Close up of the bristles on the broom

    For context, here is my rug 10 minutes ago. Looks fine, right?

    A pink and yellow and blue carpet on a hardwood floor

    Welp. Here is the MOUNTAIN OF HAIR and debris I just pulled out of it using my handy dandy broom.

    Very gross giant gob of hair with debris in it

    After I go to clown town on the carpet with this broom, I can pull out a mini vac and suction up the rest of my apartment in a few minutes, drastically saving me all the time and energy I used to use up trying to clean my carpets.

    Now *technically*, this hair-retrieving broom is for pet hair, and a ton of pet owners swear by it. That said, a lot of other hairy individuals such as me are swearing by it too.

    A cute dog on a carpeted staircase next to the broom

    Weird and unexpected bonus? It even has a built-in squeegee edge if you really wanna get your money's worth and use it to clean spills on tile, concrete, and hardwood, or to wipe snow off your car.

    The broom with its edge cleaning up a spill on a hardwood floor

    Anyway, if you're a human who sheds a lot, mayhaps this hair-retrieving broom in all its $12.99 glory will also shock, delight, and disgust you as it did me, so we can all go back to living our long-haired lives without making our vacuums cry.

    In the meantime ... stay cute, everyone.

    A BuzzFeed editor cringing while holding a gob of their own hair from the floor

    Get the FURemover Evriholder broom on Amazon for $12.99.

    Broom sweeping up pet hair

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