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19 Natural Home Cleaners People Actually Swear By

All of the cleaning power with none of the scary ingredients!

1. An all-purpose cleaner that'll seriously cut down on your scrubbing time.

2. An EPA-approved bathroom cleaner that kills 99.9% of germs.

3. A lavender and chamomile polish that'll make your stainless steel completely streak free.

Promising review: "This stuff is the BEST green stainless steel polish you will find. Good price. No harsh chemicals or smells. Streak free. When I used to clean expensive beach houses for a living, I would require my boss to purchase this just for me to use. Makes the job easy. Perfect little size squirt bottle as well. I will be a customer for life!" —BSF

Price: $13.60 (for a pack of two)

4. A natural and biodegradable antibacterial toilet cleaner that gets the job done.

5. Dishwasher detergent pods that are chock full of enzymes that leave dishes and glassware sparkling.

6. A plant-based fabric and air freshener that gets rid of the foulest odors.

7. A multi-surface cleaner you can use on everything from stainless steel to painted wood to unsealed stone.

8. A non-toxic spray that's perfect for cleaning everything your baby loves to touch (and also put in their mouth).

9. A carpet and rug shampoo that's formulated with natural extracts to gently remove stains and smells.

Promising review: "After bringing home a new puppy who was not yet potty trained, I purchased a carpet shampooer machine. I wanted to find an organic soap to use with it. My family is sensitive to harsh chemicals and fragrances, so we need a natural cleaner. I was also concerned about the health of my puppy. I used Biokleen for the first time with amazing results! The carpets look good and smell clean, without any annoying perfumes. This even freshened up my wool area rug nicely, leaving the colors brighter. This was a good purchase; I will use it again." —Amanda M. Moore

Price: $14.77

10. Compostable cleaning wipes that are perfect for lazy cleaners who don't want to feel guilty about the environment.

11. A daily cleaner that'll fight soap scum, mold and mildew — just spray on a wet shower after using it, no scrubbing OR rinsing required!

12. A hardwood floor cleaner that'll make your floors look shiny and smell fantastic — just squirt and mop!

Promising review: "I own a house cleaning business so I am always looking for the best products. I've tried many products (including non-green products in my own home) and this is my absolute favorite. Many wood floor cleaners leave a film and can be sticky, but not this. Just squirt and mop. I've tried the other Method scents and they work great, but the almond is my favorite. My clients always rave about the scent and often ask what I use and where to get it. Absolutely love this!" —Jamie Parsons

Price: $9.60

13. Bleach alternative laundry pods that'll boost your detergent to make your whites and colors brighter — without killing the bacteria in your septic tank.

14. A chemical-free jewelry cleaner that'll make your favorite pieces shine like new.

Without irritating your hands!

Promising review: "Love this stuff. I put my wedding band and engagement ring in for about five minutes, took it out, and voilà! It was spotless. I used the brush to clean off any excess gunk still remaining, and it came off with just a light swipe. It got in the crevices and grooves of my rings and all the gunk was gone. No scrubbing needed!" —Jessie King

Price: $8.95+

15. A concentrated cleaner that's earth- (and wallet-) friendly.

16. A scent-free glass cleaner that banishes smudges and smears from mirrors, windows, and more.

Promising review: "I have never been good at cleaning windows. They always look worse when I am done than before I started. I tried everything, both off-the-shelf products and mix it yourself ,and nothing worked. This not only works, but with very little effort." —Karen D.

Price: $9.48 (for a pack of two)

17. A citrus-based degreasing cleaner that's even better than Goo Gone.

18. A sulfate-free dish soap that cuts through caked-on messes but stays soft on your hands.

19. A citrus and olive oil-based furniture polish that protects and cleans all your wooden surfaces.

Now if only you could wrangle some songbirds to help you clean...

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