TikToker Nara Smith Shared The "Controversial" Names She Almost Gave Her Daughter

    Whimsy Lou Smith joins the couple's first two children, Rumble Honey Smith and Slim Easy Smith.

    TikToker Nara Smith shared the baby names she almost used for her third child, and they're about as out-there as you'd expect.

    Nara, 22, is married to fellow Mormon model Lucky Blue Smith, 25. She's gone viral plenty of times on TikTok for her cooking videos, where she makes food for her children from scratch (seriously from scratch — like making yogurt).

    Nara and Lucky Blue Smith at a media event. Nara is wearing a denim dress and Lucky is wearing an open shirt and slacks with a belt

    "These are some baby names I love but didn't use this time around," Nara said in her new TikTok. "For reference, our kids have pretty unique names. Our daughter's name is Rumble Honey Smith, and our son's name is Slim Easy Smith."

    Closeup of Nara Smith with her baby

    Yes, alongside Rumble Honey and Slim Easy, we now have Whimsy Lou Smith, who was born earlier this month. However, Whimsy was almost not Whimsy. Nara said, "These might be a little out there, a little bit more controversial, but in case someone needs any ideas for their kids. These are some girls names that I loved."

    Nara and Lucky Blue Smith in formal wear

    "We were almost going to name her Tink. And then I love the name Bow as a second name. I also really liked fruit names. So I loved the names Lemon, Plum, and Clementine. I also really liked Pipin, or Pip for short. Dottie or Dot for short, and then Ivy as well — just because that would have almost been my name," she continued.

    Nara Smith holding her baby

    "Boys are a little bit trickier to name in my opinion, but we had the name Halo on our list. Dust, also Dew, Mercer, Flick," she added.

    Closeup of Nara Smith cooking

    Well, Nara said she didn't use the names "this time around" — Tink Bow could still happen!