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    Which Popular DIY Project Is Your Ultimate Pet Peeve When It Comes To Home Upgrades?

    We all have that one DIY project we can't stand — so we want to hear yours.

    Look, I love a good DIY home upgrade as much as the next guy — but when it comes to the quick (and usually pretty cost-effective!) projects that most homeowners or renters can do themselves, some are much better than others. Frankly...I kinda wish some would disappear forever.

    Woman restoring an old chair, surrounded by newspapers on the floor

    In 2024, finding some sort of project you can bang out over a weekend with minimal effort has never been easier. That's a double-edged sword, IMO; great for the folks who choose the perfect DIY project that transforms their space, and not-so-nice for the one who low-key ruins their kitchen or bathroom with awful advice from internet strangers.

    So, homeowners and renters, I want to hear about the "trendy" DIY projects that you wish would disappear forever — for the sake of your social media feeds (and the poor, poor souls who end up attempting them in the first place).

    Perhaps you have truly had it with the peel-and-stick tile craze. Yeah, it looks magnificent on an Instagram feed, but IRL, it's giving "plastic-and-a-prayer."

    peel and stick tile on kitchen wall

    Also in the kitchen, maybe you hope never to see a painted wood cabinet ever again. They might appear on-trend for the first two to three months...until the paint starts peeling and chipping everywhere you look.

    Person painting a cabinet wearing gloves and holding a brush

    Maybe your DIY home decor pet peeve is whitewashed or white-painted brick. People say it's an easy way to freshen up older-looking brick walls and fireplaces, but you say it's a one-way ticket to ruining perfectly fine stone features.

    A fireplace with a mesh screen and tools against a white brick wall, next to a wood bench

    Or, maybe the hill you'll die on is gray luxury vinyl plank flooring. You get that it's DIYable, affordable, and basically invincible...but to you, it just feels cheap.

    Hand installing new laminated wooden floor with a rubber mallet nearby

    Whatever your DIY home improvement pet peeve is, we want to hear it. In the comments below, tell us what popular DIY trend you never want to see again and why. If you'd prefer to stay anonymous, you can submit using this form. We'll feature the best responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.