Oh the places you'll go!

Katy Herman • 5 days ago

Even the most groan-worthy workdays, workouts, and social commitments are no match for these fabulous duds.

Katy Herman • 6 days ago

The best time to wear a sweater dress...is all the timmmmeeeeee.

Katy Herman • 6 days ago

The Glamorise No-Bounce Camisole sports bra is awesome, no doubt about tit.

Katy Herman • 9 days ago

I wanna wish you an adorable Christmas.

Katy Herman • 11 days ago

You say "geek" like it's a bad thing.

Katy Herman • 11 days ago

I know some people seem impossible to shop for. But listen to me — YOU'VE GOT THIS.

Katy Herman • 14 days ago

Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you can't wear skirts anymore!!!

Katy Herman • 16 days ago

These products are dino-mite! (Sorry)

Katy Herman • 17 days ago


Katy Herman • 19 days ago

This Thanksgiving, fill your stomach AND your kitchen.

Katy Herman • 19 days ago

Sock it to me.

Katy Herman • 21 days ago

"I'm ugly and I'm proud!" — these sweaters, probably

Katy Herman • 23 days ago

You, picking up your phone: Who's this? HGTV? You want me to replace Chip and Joanna? I think I can make some room in my schedule...

Katy Herman • 25 days ago

You: *sips tea* Me: *sips water*

Katy Herman • 29 days ago

Your days of making excuses are cooked.

Katy Herman • 29 days ago

Glittery socks, a comfort food cookbook, the new Fantastic Beasts screenplay, and more awesome under-$25 goodies you 100% need in your life.

Katy Herman • 29 days ago

Stay UNDER budget and leave them OVERwhelmed with joy.

Katy Herman • 29 days ago

Dino sweaters and chic coats and party dresses, oh my!

Katy Herman • One month ago