Matthew McConaughey Crediting His Children For Making Him A Better Actor And Storyteller Is The Sweetest Thing You'll Read Today

    "That was something I did for them — and the kid in all of us."

    Matthew McConaughey is opening up about fatherhood and its positive impact on his career.

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    During a recent interview with People, Matthew shared how being a dad helped him become a better actor and storyteller.

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    "Having children I know has made me a better artist and has made me a better actor, because kids see things for the first time all the time. Their questions are innocent.”

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    “I become a better storyteller because I have kids, meaning, I come home from work on something like True Detective, and my 4-year-old kid goes, ‘What’d you do today?’ I cannot tell them what the show’s really about, it’s not age-appropriate. So I have to go into a parable for them.”

    Being around his children also inspired him to explore new projects. It also led Matthew to the realization that he's never worked on a TV show or movie that was centered around kids or appropriate for kids.

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    “As you become a parent, what do you end up watching? You end up watching mostly what your kids are watching, and so I was like, ‘Man, I’ve never been a part of an animated film,’ and I like doing voice work,” Matthew added.

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    So he changed that! In 2016, he starred in the hit animated film Sing, which was followed by its sequel in 2021.

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    "That was something I did for them — and the kid in all of us.”

    Fatherhood looks great on you, Matthew!

    To learn more about him, check out his full People interview.