The "How Our Parents Thought We Played With Barbies Vs. How We Actually Did" May Be One Of The Most Accurate TikTok Trends We've Seen To Date

    "Barbies have lived too many stories."

    TikTok has recently been flooded with people acting out how their parents thought they played Barbies vs. how they actually did, and millions of people are not holding back in exposing themselves.

    A comment that reads, "bro we made them do terrible things..." with a skull emoji

    A woman named Alexa Rowe first surfaced this universal commonality last year with this viral TikTok.

    Alexa shows a doll and a trophy, simulating a presentation

    She starts the TikTok playing the version of Barbies her parents think she played. One says: "Wow. You look so nice today." The other says: "Thank you, so do you Barbie. Let's go to the store!"

    Closeup of Alexa with Barbies

    Then she switches gears to the reality of how she played Barbies. Barbie to Ken: "How could you do that to me? You're sleeping with every other Barbie?! WE HAVE A FAMILY TOGETHER!!!!!"

    Alexa smiling and holding action figures of Rey from Star Wars and a mini Oscar statuette

    Ken: "But I don't love any of them like I love you!"

    Closeup of Alexa Rowe with Barbies

    Barbie: "STOP! Do me and our 35 other children mean nothing to you? The fact we're getting evicted from our apartment that you haven't even been paying for!"

    Aleca laughs while holding the toy figure


    Alexa with her Barbies


    Alexa with her Barbies

    Barbie: "Kids! Come on we are leaving your father in the dust."

    Alexa with her Barbies

    Ken: "Oh please! Let me stay with the kids!"

    Alexa with her Barbies

    Barbie: "NEVER! And if you even try to find me again I will pluck out your eyeballs in front of every single woman you have ever loved and eat them!!!"

    A closeup of Alexa fully immersed in the conversation

    Then the child version of Alexa is snapped out of it as she hears her mom in this scenario yell, "Honey it's time to go!!"

    "Just 5 more mintes"

    The video immediately resonated with people.

    A comment that saysm "the realest thing i've ever seen"

    And they had no shame sharing the messed up scenarios they put their Barbies in during play time:

    I acted out kidnapping storylines more times than I'd like to admit

    Some Barbies became orphans:

    Text says "Me making all my Barbie's the teenage guardians of their younger siblings after their parents died"

    Some were a part of scandals on the regular:

    I made the barbies scissor and ken walked in

    And some just really, really went through the ringer:

    no stop, cuz my dolls were having love affairs and murdering each other on the daily

    People also came clean with their Barbie habits, and it landed them in therapy:

    I explained my Barbue cult saga to my mom once and my dad apparently asked my mom if I needed therapy

    Either way, it is apparent Barbie was put through constant trauma and drama:

    "bro we made them do terrible things..." and skull emoji

    It is just a universal doing:

    " barbie's have lived too many stories"

    BuzzFeed spoke to Alexa who said she saw a video of someone pretending to play Barbies which reminded her of how wildly dramatic she used to be when playing with her Barbies. "I thought it would be a hilarious contrast to depict how I assumed parents/the media 'think' we play with toys/play pretend versus how we actually do. Little girls can have such a RICH AND WILD imagination so I thought it would be funny to depict!"

    Alexa in a floral dress smiling at the camera

    Alexa didn't expect as many people to relate to her video as they did, however. "The comments made me cackle and also cry. It deeply moved me to see how all of us were connecting on this weird/hilarious/wild shared experience in such an intimate, hilarious, rich way," she said.

    Two user comments under a post, discussing their personal versions of soap operas

    The success of her Barbie video inspired Alexa to create similar videos, like how parents think kids play with dolls vs. how they actually play with him:

    Alexa with a blanket over her head holding her toy figures close

    She said she has been having fun making the videos and relating to women everywhere. "I just, man, I love girlhood. And I love breaking the stereotypes of girlhood."

    Closeup of Alexa at the beach in her video

    OK, what weird or messed-up thing did you make your Barbies do growing up?! Tell us in the comments you drama queens!