Abby Lee Miller Said What She Thinks Of JoJo Siwa's "Bad Girl" Rebrand

    Abby memorably coached JoJo as a child star competing on Dance Moms.

    JoJo Siwa has a lot of people talking after unveiling her new look.

    Closeup of JoJo Siwa

    Once known for her vibrant and colorful style, JoJo is now embracing a more glam-rock aesthetic.

    She notably attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards last week in an apparent KISS-inspired (and Gene Simmons-approved) look with heavy eye makeup and a spiky black bodysuit.

    Closeup of JoJo Siwa

    She also continued the bad girl vibes in the music video for her new song "Karma." The clip, released on Friday, shows the 20-year-old dancing, grinding, and being straddled by her female love interest (well, one of them, I should say).

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    Of course, this change hasn't been without backlash, but JoJo has also received a lot of support, too — including from her former Dance Moms coach Abby Lee Miller.

    Closeup of Abby Lee Miller and JoJo Siwa

    Abby doesn't see what the "big deal" is with her rebrand.

    Abby Lee Miller smiling at a media event

    "They keep going on about [her rebrand]," Abby said in a recent TikTok video. "It's JoJo with paint on her face and a fabulous costume."

    The cast of "Dance Moms"

    "It used to be stars and rainbows and pink and lavender and turquoise, and now it's black."

    JoJo Siwa poses with a large purple bow, pink fringed outfit, pouting at the camera

    "It's still her doing incredible dancing, so I don't know if it's so much as a rebranding or just maturing, getting older [and] wanting to show another side of her," Abby continued.

    Closeup of Abby Lee Miller

    Either way, she said she thought the video was "amazing," from the costumes to the choreography. "I thought the costumes were over-the-top," she shared. "Loved it all."

    Abby Lee Miller smiling in a white blouse with large earrings and a necklace

    You can see her response here: