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Select Your Zodiac Sign And We’ll Tell You How The Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Life

"Eclipses force us to evolve beyond our comfort zone, and even if you resist, nature has a way..." —@rebeccagordonastrology 🌚🌕✨

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Welcome, Earthlings. Unless you live under a rock, you're probably well aware by now that we're on the heels of a very rare total solar eclipse next Monday, April 8 (the next total solar eclipse won't be visible in the US until 2044).

A solar eclipse with the moon blocking the sun, creating a halo of light

It's a big deal to witness one (hence the hullabaloo) — and for the astrologically inclined, eclipses have fascinated humans since ancient history. We've constructed many supernatural explanations and reactions to these celestial events.

A rendering of people looking and pointing up at an eclipse

Since this total solar eclipse is so special, we chatted with New York City astrologer Rebecca Gordon, who told us allll about solar eclipses and their astrological meanings, and particularly what this one on April 8, 2024, may have in store (check it out here if you're inclined).

Rebecca Gordon wearing a sparkly dress and a statement necklace, posing outdoors

But if you're more curious about what the solar eclipse may mean for you, Rebecca graciously mapped out your total solar eclipse horoscope below, based on your zodiac sign.

Excited, scared, or nervous by your horoscope? It's natural — according to Rebecca, eclipses can create a breakthrough in your life, forcing you to crack open what's going on and make a change.

And no matter what's in store for you this eclipse season, Rebecca leaves you with some departing wisdom: "Eclipses force us to evolve beyond our comfort zone, and even if you resist, nature has a way... I would encourage you to be more curious about new directions and loosen the grip on what you know and have always done. Change is inevitable here, and it's a lot more painful if we fight it. We may as well make room with open arms."

So there you have it! Reflections, hard truths, and changes. Accept it with open arms. Got it? Personally, I think change can be exciting! And whether you follow astrology or not, we can all take time to reflect on some truths we've ignored. Perhaps this eclipse season is just the perfect moment to do so. 🪐✨

Silhouetted person with arms extended under a solar eclipse

Ta-ta for now! Happy eclipse chasing (and don't forget your eclipse glasses)! 🌚🌕

You can keep up with Rebecca Gordon, astrologer, author, and astrology school founder, on Instagram and her website. And, if you're lookin' to understand your birth chart better, you can use her free guide.