Don Lemon Got Married This Weekend In New York City, And Congratulations Are In Order

    The couple tied the knot in Manhattan.

    Looks like Don made "Lemon"ade out of his relationship with his partner Tim Malone this weekend!

    Closeup of Don Lemon

    People confirms that the TV news anchor married Tim, who he's been engaged to for five years, yesterday at New York City's Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church — on the anniversary of their engagement, no less.

    Closeup of Tim Malone and Don Lemon

    Here's a wider look at the church itself:

    Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

    Here's a pic of the happy couple smooching outside the church:

    Don Lemon and Tim Malone kissing

    And here's a pic with their dogs! How cute.

    Tim Malone and Don Lemon holding their dogs

    In an interview with People, Don gave a window into wedding planning while also shedding some light on the relationship dynamic between him and Tim.

    Closeup of Tim Malone and Don Lemon

    “I'm a last-minute person, and most things I just don't worry about," he said. "But this one I'm secretly worried about, but I'm letting Tim take the reins because he's a good planner."

    Tim Malone and Don Lemon

    "I'll be writing questions for, like, the UN ambassador, and he'll be saying, ‘Oh, when are they going to put the buttons on our jackets?’ It's an important question, but I'm just like, 'Huh? What?’ So he has a million questions, but usually, he gets it done without me even answering.”

    Closeup of Tim Malone and Don Lemon

    Congrats to the happy couple! You can read more about their wedding here.