In Her First Red Carpet Appearance In Two Years, Anna Paquin Discussed Health Issues That Have Resulted In Mobility And Speech Difficulties

    "It hasn't been easy."

    Anna Paquin discussed her ongoing health issues at the premiere of A Bit of Light.

    Anna in long-sleeve sequined mini dress with a cane, posing at an event

    The movie, directed by Anna's husband Stephen Moyer, is based on a play of the same name and follows a recovering alcoholic. It first debuted in 2022 but is set for wider release this month.

    At last night's premiere, Anna's first public event since 2022, she used a cane. The 41-year-old told People that over the past two years, an undisclosed health condition had led her to have some mobility and speech difficulties.

    "It hasn't been easy," she told the publication, with a source adding that she will hopefully make a full recovery.

    Anna and Stephen pose together for photographers at the event

    That being said, working on an independent film — her "first love" — with her husband has proven to be a joyous experience. "He's my favorite person to play with," she said of Stephen, saying that she wouldn't work with him if she didn't think highly of his directorial skills. "I'm not sentimental when it comes to work."

    Anna smiling widely at Stephen

    A Bit of Light is in select theaters April 5.