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    People Are Revealing The Tiny Detail In A Home That Makes Them Think "Oh, These People Are Very Clean”

    "I always notice if this is super dusty."

    Since it's time to spring clean our homes, I figured it would be great to share the responses from u/Ok_Emergency455's Reddit thread where they asked: "What’s the small detail in a home that makes you think, 'Oh, these people are very clean?'" Here's what people had to say below.

    1. "Clean baseboards and toilet-seat hinges."

    Hand in pink glove cleaning a baseboard with a blue cloth

    2. "I know it’s wild that I look at this, but if that little weird area on the toilet is clean, like underneath, and it kinda goes inward? Yeah, that part. I’m like, these are some clean folks."


    "By the bolt covers? Yeah, that is 'girl, I really like is coming over for the first time' clean."


    3. "I don't smell pets even though I see them — I'm always impressed, considering I know how much effort it takes to make my house not smell like we have pets."

    A cat wearing a birthday hat is held up in front of a window, looking directly at the camera

    4. "The vent covers, especially on the ceiling. Also, ceiling fan blades."


    "I keep an old pillowcase on hand to clean my ceiling fan blades. Just slide it over the blade and all the dust stays inside the pillowcase. When I’m done, I shake it out into the trash."


    5. "Clean microwave."

    Bowl of water with lemon slices inside a microwave, suggesting a cleaning hack

    6. "When it’s clean underneath their faucets. Particularly in homes that use well water or hard water — my faucets basically have fossilized well water deposits despite buckets and buckets of vinegar, so when I see a clean spout, I get cleaning envy and admire the faucet owner."


    7. "Clean sponge in the kitchen. I hate when I see a dirty, nasty sponge to clean dishes with."

    Person washing a sponge under running tap water in a kitchen sink

    8. "No shoes allowed in the house."


    "I want to be a shoe-free home. But my husband does not give a fuck. I also have a toddler who takes shoes on and off all day for fun. But what really irks me is when my husband puts his shoes on the freaking dining table or counters. Like WHY?! Put these dirty bottom sneakers literally anywhere else besides eating and food surfaces."


    9. "If they have one of those window cleaner things in their shower."

    Hand in pink glove cleans a marble surface with a white and black squeegee

    10. "I'm 6'6". 99% of refrigerators are dusty on top. That 1% is frighteningly clean people."


    11. "If the handles to the fridge and oven are smudge-free and the inside of the fridge is clean."

    Person cleaning a refrigerator handle with a disinfectant wipe

    12. "Tops of picture frames; I check that little shelf is 100% clear of dust. If not, I let out an extremely loud groan, leave in abject disgust, and cut that dirty SOB out of my life for good. This is how my ex-fiance and I split up after we visited her filthy parents."


    13. "Light switches and the walls around them clean. Also, door handles and the doors themselves. I clean these every week in my home — it grosses me out when they are nasty!"

    Person's finger pressing a light switch on a wall

    14. "The kitchen sink and walls surrounding it. Lots of grime can pile up there and on the rim surrounding the faucet. Ours has a window, too, and since we strain our pasta, clean saucepans, etc, it looks similar to the walls surrounding the cooktop on the oven."


    15. And finally, "Clean blinds. They’re such a pain to clean. If someone has pristine blinds, I know they mean business."

    Hand in yellow glove dusting window blinds

    Is there a small detail in a home that makes you think, “Oh, these people are very clean?" If so, tell us what it is and why in the comments below.