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    21 Expensive Things Homeowners Bought That Are Worth Every Penny

    "I would've never spent almost $5,000 for a mattress in my 20s, but buying a great quality mattress is an investment and worth the money. It's the best thing I've done for myself."

    We recently asked the homeowners of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which expensive things they bought for their home are worth it. Here are the helpful — and surprising — results:

    1. "Ceiling fans and a wood burning stove. As someone who struggles to control their body temperature, I find these two things literally life-changing for comfort."


    Person holding a remote to control a ceiling fan with wooden beams overhead

    2. "A good vacuum. Dysons can cost anywhere from $300–$1,000+, but they work so much better than any others, and if you take proper care of them, they can last you 10+ years. Cost per use gets super low, but the upfront costs, even on sale, can be a bit of a sticker shock."


    "My Dyson vacuum cleaner. Almost 20 years later and still sucking up stuff from my floors like a pro."


    Dyson vacuum cleaner head on a wooden floor

    3. "A carpet cleaner, especially if you have little kids and/or pets. We bought a Bissell for about $200. and it makes cleaning up after them so much easier and keeps the carpets in good shape."


    Golden Retriever lying on a rug in a cozy living room setting

    4. "My stove. It's probably the most indulgent thing I've ever bought, but I absolutely love it and have no regrets. It's 60" wth 10 gas burners and two full-sized electric ovens (I routinely cook for 12–20 people). Two are high output burners for wok cooking, and both ovens will hold full sheets."

    "I also have a couple of metal plates to put over the burners to create a griddle."


    Woman smiling while taking dish out of oven in a home kitchen

    5. "My digital shower — hidden pipework, so limited chrome cleaning, but I love the fact I can have a programmed setting for my shower that I can switch on while still in bed, not waiting for it to warm up, and not have to go from cold to hot to get it just right while standing there."


    Person showering, facing away, with water flowing over them

    6. "A good mattress. I was in my 30s before I bought a really good mattress. Buying a great quality mattress is an investment and worth the money. I would've never spent almost $5,000 for a mattress in my 20s. It's the best thing I've done for myself. Improved sleep = improved mood and energy levels. Hands down, a game-changer for me."

    —43, Mississippi

    "Temperpedic mattress: Sore bodies and a bad back require more comfortable sleeping."

    —74,  Arizona

    Close-up of a mattress corner with textured cover and a folded teal blanket

    7. "A hot tub. We bought a house with one and loved it; we put them in at two other houses we bought after. My husband and I use it nearly every evening, and not only is it relaxing and comforting, but that 12–15 minutes allows us time to talk about our day, make big and little plans, and talk through the family schedule."


    Two people enjoying a hot tub with city lights in the background at night

    8. "An automatic litter tray for my cats. Ongoing costs aren’t cheap, TBH, but it’s worth it to never scoop poop again."


    Cat entering a spherical white litter box against a brick wall background

    9. "My bidet toilet. I actually did need a new toilet, and I'm ecstatic I splurged on the integrated bidet seat. It washes, it dries, it warms the seat. Worth every penny!"


    Bidet toilet seat with control panel, attached to a white toilet in a wooden-themed bathroom

    10. "Motion sensor light switches for the bathrooms. Both dimmable and programmable. No more lights left on all day, and a nice dim when you walk in at night."


    Woman examining her face in a lit bathroom mirror, with a focus on skincare

    11. "On the small scale: A reverse osmosis water filtration system. It makes the water taste so much better than a single carbon filter, like what you find in a refrigerator. On the big scale: Solar panels. We went as big as possible, and it produces all the power we need with excess being bought by the power company."

    "It paid for itself in under five years, significantly increased our home value, and freed up a good chunk of money that was being paid on electricity every month, which allowed us to install central AC and a new furnace!"


    House with solar panels on roof, illustrating sustainable energy for a Nifty lifestyle article

    12. "Energy efficiency upgrades. The house now uses far less energy by adding new windows and adding some insulation. Not only do I feel good about doing my part in fighting climate change, but the house is so much more comfortable!"

    —40, Canada

    "Anderson windows for the whole house. Living at a 5K-foot elevation, we have the four seasons, and the utility bills were sky-high before the windows were installed."

    —74, Arizona

    A view through a clean window showing a blurred green landscape outside

    13. "When my husband and I were first married, we were SO broke (I'm a teacher, and he was a corrections officer). Our big splurge was a good set of knives. They've lasted almost 20 years; we just have to sharpen them occasionally. We've replaced all the appliances multiple times, but the knives have lasted."

    —40, Arizona

    Man in apron chops vegetables on kitchen counter for meal prep

    14. "Keyless door entry! I love using the keypad instead of a physical key. Makes it easier for people to come into my house to walk my dogs when I get stuck at work."

    —65, California

    Person using a digital keypad for secure door access

    15. "An organizer system for the closet. Having additional drawers and custom shelves that don’t look like cheap coated wire is going to make you happy every time you look at it."

    —45, California

    Organized closet with neatly arranged clothes and shelves with folded items

    16. "A quiet and powerful dishwasher. Having the thing run for over two hours a day and not hearing what sounds like a dump truck idling in the kitchen is 100% worth any amount of money you spend on it. Also, not having to fully wash a dish by hand before putting it in is a big time saver."

    —45, California

    Open dishwasher with clean dishes inside, installed under kitchen countertop

    17. "An automatic espresso machine! It has paid for itself already just from the number of trips we no longer take to coffee shops. When you add your cream before making your coffee, the shots won't die and become bitter, so the coffee is amazingly smooth."

    "It's also so easy to walk into the kitchen half asleep in the morning and just have to press a button to make a great cup of coffee or a cappuccino."

    28, California

    Espresso pouring into a white cup from a coffee machine, showcasing a modern kitchen appliance

    18. "My Shark robot vacuum. We have ALL tile/wood flooring, several animals, and teenagers. This little robot vacuum is legit the best thing that I've ever bought. I can set it and leave the house/room, and it just does its thing. I do have to sweep occasionally, but it is wonderful for keeping the majority of pet hair and teenage crumbs handled. Definitely worth the money!"

    —37, Arizona

    A robotic vacuum cleans the tiled floor with a bike mounted on the wall in the background

    19. "A snowblower. A snowblower might be expensive, but it's worth every cent. A couple of years ago, we were hit by a huge snowstorm. There was over a foot of snow. It would have been really hard if I had a cheap snowblower or just no snowblower at all. But with the heavy-duty snowblower that I had received as a gift (value was $1,500-$2,000), I was able to clear my driveway."

    "One of my friends was also hit by the snowstorm. He didn't have a snowblower, so getting out of his house was hard for him. If you are ever searching to buy a snowblower, cheaper is worse."

    —36, Illinois

    Person using a snowblower to clear a snowy driveway

    20. "A smart thermostat. You can program it to adjust the temp at different times, run the fan, and track when it runs and for how long. It really helps when trying to be energy efficient!"

    Woman adjusting smart home thermostat on wall

    And finally...

    21. "Remote operated gates — super convenient and also super safe as you don't have to exit your car when reentering the home at night. Well worth it."

    —39, Bahamas

    Person in car using remote to open automatic gate

    Homeowners, what are some other expensive items you bought that are worth the money? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.