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Everything You Need To Know About Taylor Swift's First Coachella

A new era has arrived.

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This weekend was a very momentous weekend, because not only was it Coachella, but it was Taylor Swift's FIRST Coachella. This is obviously important because it's the dawning of a new Taylor Swift era. She attends music festivals, wears chokers, and in general is kind of goth/alt.

First of all, she unofficially but very officially announced the new era — let's call it ABB (after bleach blonde) — with this photo, revealing her new hair. Everything BBB (before bleach blonde) is in the past.

She dubbed the look "BLEACHELLA." You know, 'cause bleach + Coachella = bleachella. It all makes sense.


Plus, the caption says it all. Chokers instead of flower crowns??!? This is quite a rebellious statement.


Just how nice was the mansion? Well, you can catch a glimpse of it in this video Sereyah uploaded where some of the gang is being taught the "Work From Home" dance by Camila from Fifth Harmony.

Instagram: @serayah

They do a great job doing it. Austin Swift casually walks around the house in the background not even noticing the dance routine happening. This must be a normal thing that they do.

Instagram: @serayah

~Quick break~ to acknowledge that Taylor actually left Coachella to attend a friend's wedding in Texas, and then flew back to Coachella all in the same day.

OK. now back to our regularly scheduled program, where we get into Taylor Swift's real Coachella experience. The attending-of-shows part. This picture about sums it up:

Instagram: @liladaisyg

But I don't want to stop there. This is ABB Taylor singing along to "Lean On" with DJ Snake.

Instagram: @djsnake

And freaking out over Rihanna performing with Taylor's boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

Instagram: @taylorswift