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    Taylor Swift Fangirling Over Calvin Harris And Rihanna Is So Cute

    Yet more proof that Tayvin are the most adorably supportive couple.

    It's fair to say that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are extremely loved up. Just last week Taylor gave an interview in which she referred to their relationship as "magical". 💗

    And there is nothing cuter than Taylor in ~proud girlfriend~ mode during Calvin's gigs. Just last month she showed off some typically amazing dance moves when he played in Las Vegas.

    However, this weekend she got even more excited because she got to watch both Calvin and Rihanna perform "We Found Love" at Coachella. And boy was she excited.

    She shared this video on Instagram alongside the caption: "I'll NEVER forget this moment."

    And she couldn't keep the smile off her face.

    And there was also a lot of fangirling over Rihanna.

    She later posted the same video on Twitter, telling fans the experience was "SO INCREDIBLE!!" and it's basically confirmed that Tayvin's support of each other's careers is one of the cutest things about the pair.

    It should also be noted that Taylor went to a friend's wedding in Texas earlier in the day, before flying back to Coachella to see Calvin's set. And then pose for this selfie. Could they be any more perfect?


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