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There Are New Reports On Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce's Relationship After Their Appearance At Coachella

They were very handsy at Coachella.

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A source shared new details about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship — including the couple's surprise appearance at Coachella.

Closeup of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift after one of his football games

In case you missed it, Taylor and Travis attended Day 2 on Saturday. They watched performances by "Karma" rapper Ice Spice and the Bleachers, the band helmed by her close friend and collaborator Jack Antonoff. The couple was also seen dancing and kissing backstage at points.

Closeup of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Coachella. They're both wearing somewhat casual clothes and baseball caps

"Taylor and Travis were so excited to go to Coachella together," a source told Entertainment Tonight. "They wanted to be there to support their friends and just have fun. They had the best time at the festival and were in their own world even though so many people were around them."

Closeup of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift holding hands as they exit a building at night
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The insider also discussed the pair's relationship, and from the sounds of it, things are going pretty great for them. "They are very in love and in sync in so many aspects of their lives, and it's very sweet to see."

Group of people including Taylor Swift in a VIP box cheering on Kelce and his team

Since getting together last fall, the pair has made it a priority to support each other at events. Taylor has been seen at various Kansas City Chiefs games, while Travis attended several of her Eras Tour stops.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Coachella holding hands

"They are very supportive of each other," a source told People. "They're enjoying solo dates, but have also been hanging out with their friends." In June, Taylor will be back on the road to resume her Eras Tour, but in the meantime, the source said she and Travis have been "all about quality time together."

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kissing after a football game

Coachella is "one of many adventures yet to come for the duo," the ET source added.

Reps for Taylor and Travis didn't immediately return BuzzFeed's request for comment, but we'll let you know if we hear anything back.

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