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"Gen Z Gets Pinterest Tattoos": These Tattoo Artists Are Revealing The Tattoos That Each Generation Gets Allllll The Time

Honestly, thank you to the tattoo artists at Axiom Tattoo for this important information.

I've never gotten a tattoo, mainly because I suffer from terrible indecision about what tattoo I should get. What if I pick something too ~trendy~ and it's the same tattoo everyone else has? Or — god forbid — what if I pick something CRINGE?

Close-up of tattoo procedure on skin

Luckily, the tattoo artists at Axiom Tattoo in San Diego are helping us all out. In a series of TikToks, the artists reveal the most common tattoo designs and trends for each generation.

For millennials, apparently dreamcatcher tattoos are very common, especially on the hip.

And when millennials get a ribcage tattoo, they tend to get it on the side of the ribcage, under the arm (while Gen Z tends to get it more on the front, under the pecs/breasts).

Person's ribs with a tattoo featuring Chinese characters

Another popular millennial choice: watercolor tattoos, with splotches of color that blend together.

Commenters (rightfully) noted that Harry Potter tattoos — especially the Deathly Hallows symbol — are very much a millennial tattoo trend.

Screenshot of a social media comment by Kate Robertson stating "Harry Potter tattoos gotta be a millennial thing."

And the tattoo parlor agrees that infinity symbols are also suuuuuuper millennial.

Comment about infinity symbols being popular with millennials, with a tattoo studio agreeing

For Gen X, apparently owl tattoos are very popular.

A feather tattoo might also be a giveaway that you're Gen X.

Gen X'ers also supposedly get a lot of tribal tattoos, or Chinese character tattoos.

Commenters jumped in and added their own observations, including lots of cartoon characters...

Reply to a post listing a mix of cartoon characters and animals, includes a laughing emoji

...And of course dolphins, specifically on the ankle.

Comment by Lauren about OG Gen X'ers having dolphins on their ankle

As for Gen Z, the current trends are sparkles, kinda like the ones on the right below:

And apparently "angel numbers" are a big thing right now.

Gen Z also loves bows and lockets.

Other Gen Z tattoo trends mentioned by the artists include postage stamps, heart-shaped cybersigilism designs, and — very specifically — Haku, the dragon from Spirited Away. And according to the comments, they nailed it:

Screenshot of social media comments sharing images of personal tattoos with emoji reactions

Now, you might be in a different generation and have one of these tattoos, but remember these wise words from one of the Axiom Tattoo artists:

So, are you feeling called out right now? Are there any trends that they missed? Let us know in the comments!