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From the latest celebrity headlines to our favorite hilariously mundane happenings, we're here to keep you updated on what all your favorite celebs are up to.

Kylie Jenner Opened Up About Struggling “Mentally” And “Physically” 6 Weeks After The Birth Of Her Son, And Fans Are Praising Her For “Showing Vulnerability” And Speaking Out About “Unrealistic Expectations”

“Does anyone feel like this is the most real Kylie has been in years? Showing her vulnerability and relating to other moms … this seems like a huge step for her.”

Pete Davidson Deleted His Instagram Account After Receiving Tons Of Comments Calling Him “Skete” And Telling Him To “Find God” Following Kanye West’s New Lyrics About Putting His “Security At Risk”

Fans were left confused after Pete shared a post welcoming users to his Instagram page and teasing what content he’d be uploading — only to delete his account shortly after.

Kim Kardashian Unfollowed Kanye West On Instagram After He Blasted Pete Davidson For Joking About His Mental Health In A 2018 “SNL” Clip And Said It’s “Payback” Not Harassment

The resurfaced clip — in which Pete calls out the rapper for behaving like a “jackass” — began making the rounds on social media after Ye leveled insults at the comedian in a number of since-deleted Instagram posts last weekend.

Kanye West Leaked Text Messages From Kim Kardashian Expressing Fear For Pete Davidson’s Safety After He Encouraged Fans To “Scream” At Him In Public And It’s Sparked A Conversation About Abusive Behavior

“What Kanye is doing to Kim is harassment and public humiliation — the worst part is that it's happening in front of the world and people are watching it like entertainment.”

Kanye West Dragging Billie Eilish Has Sparked A Debate About Misogyny And His Treatment Of Young Women In The Music Industry After People Drew Comparisons With His Infamous Feud With Taylor Swift

Ye is being called “entitled” and “misogynistic” after fans noticed several similarities between his recent public diss toward Billie, and his treatment of Taylor Swift since their feud began in 2009.

Travis Scott Has Been Accused Of Being “Incredibly Offensive” Toward The Families Of Astroworld’s Victims After He Liked Kanye West’s Instagram Post Demanding An Apology From Billie Eilish

Travis has been keeping a relatively low profile since 10 people died during his Astroworld performance in November, but his social media activity has been branded “incredibly offensive” toward victims’ families.