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    Kendall Jenner Looks Pretty Different Than The Preteen We First Met On "KUWTK" — Here's Her Complete Transformation

    From preteen reality star to runway supermodel!

    Kendall Jenner has been in the spotlight for the majority of her life — and we've basically watched her grow up right in front of our eyes!

    A closeup of Kendall

    Over the years, she's gone from preteen reality star to runway supermodel, and she's obviously made quite the transformation!

    A young Kendall poses with Kylie and Kim

    Make your way through the years with Kendall...

    1. Way before Keeping Up With The Kardashians was on the air, Kendall made her red carpet debut with her parents, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner.

    A toddler Kendall is held by her father at an event

    2. We all officially met Kendall when she was just 11 years old, causing trouble on the first season of KUWTK.

    A young Kendall sits next to Kylie in a KUWTK promo

    3. That year, she looked the epitome of early 2000s fashion at this event with sisters Kim and Kylie.

    Kendall wears a blue and purple tunic over leggings and silver heels

    4. But Kendall quickly turned into a red carpet regular, looking totally comfortable posing for the cameras.

    Kendall has braces and wears a blue striped dress and boots

    5. And this iconic photo with Kim was clearly a precursor to her modeling career.

    Kendall wears a bikini and floats in a pool ring with Kim nearby

    6. She ditched the braces a year later — and this is totally a "look I no longer have braces!" smile, if I've ever seen one!

    Kendall smiles without braces on a red carpet

    7. Not long after, Kendall found herself in the early days of her modeling career — after her mom Kris helped book her a meeting with Wilhelmina Models.

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    Bunim-Murray Productions / Keeping Up With The Kardashians / Via

    8. By 2011, she was strutting her stuff in her first runway show ever for Sherri Hill.

    Kendall looks serious while walking the runway in a pink gown with a high slit

    9. The following year, Kendall had landed one of her first magazine covers alongside her younger sis Kylie.

    Kendall poses next to a blown up poster of her magazine cover

    10. And at some point later in 2012, she showed up to an event with this curly, braided, half up/half down look.

    A close up of Kendall with the described hair style

    11. In 2013, she returned to the runway to model for Sherri Hill once again — in between numerous other modeling jobs she was picking up.

    Kendall links arms with Kylie while walking the runway

    12. Later that year, Kendall experimented with some color in her hair, lightening her locks with highlights.

    A close up of Kendall with long straight brown hair and auburn highlights

    13. And the moment Kendall celebrated her 18th birthday, her modeling career took a major turn — and she walked in her first high fashion runway show for Marc Jacobs (in a sheer top and short wig).

    Kendall wears a sheer long sleeve shirt and a light pink wig with bleached eyebrows

    14. From there, things really took off. She even attended the Met Gala just a few months later!

    Kendall wears a silk strapless mermaid style gown

    15. A few months after that, she took a fashion risk in this dress with not one, but TWO super high slits.

    Kendall wears a beige long sleeve dress with two high slits that go past her hips

    16. By that fall, Kendall was an in-demand model, walking the runway for brands like Chanel.

    Kendall walks the runway in white mini dress

    17. She even rocked this wild mohawk style while strutting her stuff — although it's safe to say she never did it again!

    Kendall walks the runway with her hair styled into a faux hawk

    18. And while walking a Givenchy runway, she got to experiment with bleached brows.

    Kendall walks the runway in a short jumpsuit with a deep neckline

    19. Then in 2015, Kendall chopped her locks for the first time, rocking a slightly shorter cut than usual.

    A closeup of Kendall with dark hair that goes slightly past her collarbone

    20. She even temporarily tried out bangs! And by temporarily, I mean like one night.

    Kendall wears her hair in a high bun with bangs

    21. In early 2016, Kendall swapped hair styles with Gigi Hadid and tried out blonde for a few fashion shows.

    Kendall has a platinum blonde wig

    22. She quickly went back to brunette though — and this time went shorter than ever!

    A closeup of Kendall with a short black bob

    23. Kendall stuck with that look for some time, rocking the same short locks at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.

    Kendall wears denim shorts paired with a one shoulder shirt with a train that goes to the ground

    24. And stayed pretty consistent in 2018 too!

    Kendall wears a bra top and high waisted cargo style pants

    25. Later that year, she took a risk in a sheer dress at an event for Chopard.

    Kendall wears a shimmering sheer green mini dress

    26. And in 2019, got risqué with her look for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

    Kendall wears a dress with one panel of fabric in the back and front and her underwear is purposely exposed

    27. After keeping up with her brunette bob for the better part of the past three years, Kendall went back to blonde.

    Kendall has short blonde hair

    28. But again, the blonde didn't stay for long and in 2020 she was back to her natural locks...with a few extra highlights.

    Kendall has shoulder length hair with blonde highlights

    29. Coming out of quarantine in November, Kendall's hair was even lighter!

    Kendall wears a mask while exiting a car

    30. But by the time the Met Gala rolled around in 2021, she had darkened her locks to go along with her stunning look.

    Kendall wears a sheer gown covered in diamonds with a nude bodysuit underneath

    31. And in 2022, Kendall made her biggest change yet — giving a glimpse of red locks during a Prada show at Milan Fashion Week.

    Kendall walks the runway with her red hair pulled back

    32. And she made her new look totally official when she let her hair down while walking for Courreges later that week!

    Kendall walks the runway with her red hair down

    Only time will tell how long Kendall's new look sticks around!