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A Battered Woman Who Was Imprisoned For 15 Years For Failing To Protect Her Kids From Abuse Has Been Freed

Tondalao Hall was the subject of a BuzzFeed News investigation that found 28 mothers in 11 states were sentenced to 10 years or more for failing to protect their children.

Stephanie K. Baer 2 days ago

Thousands Of Scientists Around The World Declared A Climate Emergency And Warned Of "Untold Suffering"

The climate crisis "is more severe than anticipated, threatening natural ecosystems and the fate of humanity," thousands of scientists said in a dire warning.

Stephanie K. Baer 5 days ago

A Utility Company Shut Off Power To Nearly 3 Million Californians As A Massive Fire Grows

About 180,000 people have been ordered to evacuate as firefighters struggle to contain the Kincade fire in Northern California.

Olivia Niland 16 days ago

A California Power Line Suffered A Malfunction. Six Minutes Later, A Ferocious Wildfire Was Born.

Despite shutting off power to hundreds of thousands of people, California's largest utility may still be implicated in a blaze that tore through Sonoma County.

Stephanie K. Baer 17 days ago

Everyone In California Will Now Receive Earthquake Alerts On Their Phones Seconds Before The Ground Begins To Shake

The nation's first statewide system will send emergency alerts to cellphones, giving residents up to 20 seconds of warning before shaking begins.

Stephanie K. Baer 25 days ago

A Mom Who Falsely Claimed Her White Son Was Black And Latino To Get Into College Is Going To Prison

Marjorie Klapper is the ninth parent to be sentenced in the college admissions scandal that involves dozens of parents, coaches, and other high-profile conspirators.

Stephanie K. Baer 25 days ago

"What's Happened Is Unacceptable": Californians Are Outraged After Millions Had Their Power Shut Off

"This is not from my perspective a climate change story as much as a story about greed and mismanagement," Gov. Gavin Newsom said.

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

NBA Fans Supporting Hong Kong Protests Are Getting Kicked Out Of Games And Their Signs Confiscated

"I don't see how it was any more or less disruptive than an average NBA fan holding up a sign and screaming at the players and those people don't get kicked out."

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

Millions Of Americans Could Lose Power For Days In An Effort To Prevent Wildfires

The utility company did not definitively say how long the shutdown would last.

Clarissa-Jan Lim One month ago

A Potential Employer Called A 24-Year-Old Unprofessional For Posting Bikini Photos And It Backfired

"I really didn't think that an employer that obviously showed interest in me ... would use me as an example of what not to do when applying for jobs and call me unprofessional."

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

Botham Jean's Brother Hugged And Forgave The Ex-Cop Who Killed His Brother After She Was Sentenced

"I love you as a person and I don't wish anything bad on you," Brandt Jean told Amber Guyger before walking across the courtroom to hug her.

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

Islands Could Become Uninhabitable As The Ocean Warms At An Alarming Rate, Report Says

"The world’s ocean and cryosphere have been 'taking the heat' from climate change for decades, and consequences for nature and humanity are sweeping and severe."

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

A California Dad Was Sentenced To Prison For Paying $250K To Get His Son Into USC As A Fake Water Polo Player

Devin Sloane is the second parent to be sentenced in the college admissions scandal that ensnared dozens of people, including TV stars and coaches.

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

This 9-Year-Old Girl Filled An Empty Lip Balm Tube With Cheese To Eat In Class And Everyone's Clapping

The St. Louis fourth-grader got the idea from a back-to-school prank video on YouTube.

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

The Trump Administration Is Revoking California's Authority To Set Tougher Car Emissions Standards

The move, which is expected to be challenged in court, also affects 13 other states that have adopted California's clean car regulations.

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

A Missing Florida Mom And Her Four Children Have Been Found Dead In Georgia

"All we need to know is that’s evil, and evil did something, and evil needs to pay for what he did," the local sheriff said.

Stephanie K. Baer One month ago

These Teens Were Hospitalized With Vaping Injuries. Now They're Sharing Their Stories And Helping Other Young People Quit.

"I want people to look at me and use me as an example and picture them in that situation."

Stephanie K. Baer 2 months ago

Corned Beef And Handbags: How US Consumers Are Unwittingly Contributing To Deforestation In The Amazon

“The consumers are part of the problem because of course if the consumer decides not to consume any of this, there would be no supply.”

Stephanie K. Baer 2 months ago

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Is Infecting More People And Spreading To New Areas. Scientists Blame Climate Change.

“We’re seeing Vibrio infections actually in areas that we’ve never seen before.”

Stephanie K. Baer 2 months ago

A Marriott Cook Was Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Carry Out A Mass Shooting At The Hotel

“He had a plan of shooting everybody that he saw in the hotel,” said Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna.

Stephanie K. Baer 2 months ago