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    Kim Kardashian Decorates Her Bathroom By Season, And I Actually Really Like This Year's Christmas Aesthetic

    Okay, I actually like how festive this is.

    Kim Kardashian loves to dress up her weird, creepy mansion for the holidays.

    Kim and a man standing in a bare hallway in her house

    She loves a good pile of pumpkins for Halloween.

    Kim's Halloween pumpkins stacked in a corner

    And she's obsessed with her tampon-looking Whoville Christmas decorations.

    @KimKardashian .. wtf kind of Christmas decor is this? They look like giant tampons

    But I'm not here to talk about her buttplug-looking holiday decor. I'm here to talk about her bathroom.

    a large fluffy thing that looks like a q tip

    Kim's bathroom is the size of my entire apartment.

    Kim Kardashian's bathroom which has a deep square bathtub and a massive shower with glass doors

    She decorates outside the enormous windows depending on the season.

    Two chairs by the floor-to-ceiling windows in Kim's bathroom

    In the summer, there's a tropical forest.

    Kim's bathroom decor

    In the fall, she goes for more of a wheat aesthetic.

    That's fresh lavender.

    And now she revealed her winter bathroom landscape.

    Closeup of Kim Kardashian

    It's a forest of Christmas trees.

    The lit-up Christmas trees outside the window with the caption, "My happy place"

    Honestly, it's kind of lit.

    Kim's Christmas decorations in her bathroom

    I'd be lying if I said it wasn't cool!!

    Kim's Christmas tree display

    In equally relatable news, Kim also shared that her pianist has returned for the month of December to play music for them.

    A man with the IG handle @ phill the keys playing the piano in Kim's home

    Now excuse me while I buy my $3.99 pine-scented candle from Trader Joe's and call it a day.

    Closeup of Kim Kardashian