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    I'm Cackling At Kendall Jenner, Shannon Noll, Abbie Chatfield And More Being Self-Aware In The New Uber Eats Ad

    Petition to audit the Uber Eats marketing budget.

    Whether it's bringing together the Irwins and Paris Hilton, or Kimmy K and Magda Szubanski, there's just something in the water over at Uber Eats that lures in the strangest celebrity pairings.

    And now, a monster lineup of celebs — including Kendall and Kris Jenner, Shannon Noll, Abbie Chatfield and Mark Philippoussis — have collab'd for the latest (and dare we say greatest?) campaign yet:

    Kendall e Kris Jenner no novo comercial da Uber Eats. 💚

    Twitter: @kardashibrasil

    The ad is their latest evolution in the award-winning "Tonight I'll be eating" series — but they've kicked things up a notch to celebrate the launch of ordering almost anything on the Uber Eats app.

    In a hilarious opener, we see Kendall attempting to improve her infamous knife skills — and honestly, we love a self-aware queen who's not afraid to roast herself.

    What follows is a slew of clips of different celebs and ~ordinary people~ questioning exactly what "ordering anything" really entails.

    From Abbie Chatfield questioning the availability of vibrators...

    ...To tennis legend, Mark "The Poo" Philippoussis, wondering about the possibility of ordering a new nickname.

    And even Shannon Noll piping in with a predictable "What about me?"

    But you tell us — what do you think of this dream collaboration? Marketing genius? Or pure nightmare fuel? Let us know in the comments below!