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    Kourtney Kardashian Opened Up About Trying To Have A Baby With Travis Barker And Her "Awful" Experience With IVF

    "It hasn't been the most amazing experience."

    If you've been keeping up with her family's latest era on reality television, then you may be aware of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's plans to have a baby together.

    Travis leans into Kourtney for a kiss on the red carpet

    After teasing the couple's possible path toward parenthood in The Kardashians' trailer — all we saw was a brief clip of Kourtney and Travis in an exam room, receiving instructions about how to properly deliver a "sample" from their doctor — viewers learned more about their experience with IVF in the show's most recent episode.

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    On The Kardashians last night, Kourtney admitted she was struggling with the physical and emotional side effects of IVF during a conversation with her mom, Kris Jenner.

    with Kourtney's back toward the cameras, Travis grabs her ass while at an event

    "The medication that they've been giving me, they put me into menopause," Kourtney explained, calling the treatments "awful" and noting how they've made her feel depressed.

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    "Travis and I want to have a baby, and so my doctor took us down this road of doing IVF, and it hasn't been the most amazing experience," she shared.

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    "I think because I'm so clean and careful with what I put into my body, it's just having the complete opposite reaction and is working as a contraceptive instead of helping us."

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    Kourtney and Travis, who are currently engaged, and got practice-married in Vegas a few weeks ago after the Grammys, each have three children.

    Kourtney and Travis posing with some of their kids

    As Kris pointed out on The Kardashians, facing contraceptive hurdles is difficult whether you're a first-time parent or not. "Even though Kourtney has three beautiful children, it doesn't make it hurt any less if you're trying to have a baby and you've been struggling," she said.

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    How Kourtney and Travis choose to proceed with family planning remains to be unseen, but we're wishing them well on their journey.