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16 Celebrity Instagram Photoshop Fails Just In Case You Needed A Reminder That Literally NOTHING Is Real

“When we zoom in, we can see the water pattern behind her ear has been warped.

1. When Kim scoopified her trapezius muscle (most obviously in the second slide) and immediately faced backlash:

2. When Aubrey O'Day posted her infamous "vacation pics" (aka photoshopped herself into a travel influencer's scenic photos):

3. When Ariana Grande shared this photo to promote her single "Focus" and was upstaged by her harrowingly long thumb/overall hand:

4. Speaking of hands, there was this time when Khloé got called out for her "Slenderman" hand:

5. When Kris Jenner airbrushed Gordon Ramsay to utter smithereens:

(Here's Gordon's Insta for reference.)

6. When Kim's eagle-eyed followers pointed out her bent iPhone in the second slide, suggesting it meant she edited her cheekbones:

7. When Kim photoshopped True into their family Disneyland pics, and she later confessed to it after Khloé revealed True's first Disneyland trip happened later that year:

@BonGucci @KimKardashian Welllppp I fucked this one up. Anyways….. let’s focus on something else 😂 Our show airs in a few days 🤣

Twitter: @khloekardashian

8. When the Kardashian-Jenners posted this photo that raised a lot of questions, but most notably, "What's going on with Kourtney's forearm?":

9. When Kim Instagrammed this pic with fingers running through her hair (top right part of her head):

10. When Kim had a photographer (poorly) photoshop Chicago into their family Halloween pic because she was afraid of Kanye in the dino suit (fair):

11. And going back to the hands thing, there was this time when Khloé had two thumbs:

12. And her extra fingers here......???

13. When Kim posted this photo while failing to notice the mirrored car behind her:

14. When Kourtney posed in this tub with her anatomically incorrect legs:

15. Same thing happened here to ol' Kimmy, but with the bottom of the doorframe:

16. And lastly, when Kim posted this neutral-toned family pic, with the only thing giving it away being that North is looking in a different direction than everyone else: