Kim Kardashian Went Waaaay Over The Top With Her "Chocolate Tub" Elf On The Shelf

    Imagine the clean up.

    Kim Kardashian goes balls to the wall when she decorates her barren $50 million mansion for Christmas.

    Kim and a man standing in a bare hallway in her house

    In years past, she's decorated her scary hallway with tampon-like poofs.

    @KimKardashian .. wtf kind of Christmas decor is this? They look like giant tampons

    This year, she went with big-ass Christmas trees.

    Kim has also been getting into the whole Elf On The Shelf thing.

    Last year, she kept the elf scenarios pretty simple:

    But this year, she took things to a whole other level.

    This year, she literally filled up her extremely expensive bathtub with chocolate.

    Yup, that's chocolate:

    She also decorated the sides with crushed candy canes and Hershey kisses.

    It honestly looks like pudding from this angle, but either way, that's some serious dedication/mess.

    I just feel bad for whoever has to clean it up.