HAPPY NATIONAL PUG DAY!!! (AKA Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, Halloween, and 4th of July COMBINED.)

Syd Robinson • One day ago

So, soooooo goob.

Syd Robinson • 4 days ago

Chugs and pompugs and porgis, OH MY!!!!!!!

Syd Robinson • 5 days ago

Studies have shown that teens have been doodling pant-clad chickens for centuries.

Syd Robinson • 5 days ago

Ariana Grande: Queen of Content Creation.

Syd Robinson • 5 days ago

Aaaand it's for a v goob cause.

Syd Robinson • 6 days ago

A look into ~The Secret Life of Butchy~ via Furbo!!!

Syd Robinson • 8 days ago

"You got a new tattoo? Lemme go get my glasses!" — Memaw, probably

Syd Robinson • 9 days ago

"Having a disability is not tragic or shameful or problematic — it's a part of being human and something many of us do or will experience."

Syd Robinson • 11 days ago

We've got your sploots. We've got your snoot bubs. We've got your mönches. What're you waiting for?!?!?!?!?!

Syd Robinson • 11 days ago

🎵 Siiiiiilent night, hooooOOOOOOOOoooowly night 🎵

Syd Robinson • 13 days ago


Syd Robinson • 14 days ago

There's no guacamole on the menu — but there is avo smash.

Jon-Michael Poff • 6 days ago

"She's shown me why humans and dogs have coexisted so peacefully for thousands of years."

Syd Robinson • 14 days ago

Oh strut, binch.

Syd Robinson • 15 days ago


Syd Robinson • 15 days ago


Syd Robinson • 16 days ago

Because iced coffee szn NEVER 👏 ENDS. 👏 *sips*

Syd Robinson • 17 days ago

Just in case you need some Very, VERY Goob Doggos™. 💖

Syd Robinson • 18 days ago


Syd Robinson • 19 days ago