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16 Visual Representations That Really Put Things Into Perspective

Trust me.

1. This dentist office display that shows how much sugar is in each of these foods:

u/mmaathiaas / Via

2. This model that shows how many Earths can fit into the sun:

u/Ben_the-Human / Via

3. This TikTok that shows the difference between millions of dollars and BILLIONS of dollars:

This TikTok has a really good visual representation of a million versus a billion dollars, which is especially relevant now that people are trying to compare Bernie’s $2.5 million to Bloomberg’s $64 billion

4. This traffic light, next to a human for scale:

u/Sunandmoon33 / Via

5. And also these bears compared to a human:

u/WaitWhat632 / Via

6. The size of a penny compared to a lethal dose of fentanyl — aka 2 milligrams:

u/Crusader583 / Via

7. This picture that shows just how big Michelangelo's "David" really is:

u/YourFellaThere / Via

8. These pictures of the Arctic 104 years ago vs. today:

u/Sumit316 / Via

9. This illustration that shows just how insignificant Downtown LA is compared to Rosetta's comet:

Matt Wang / Via

10. This cool sign that shows what this ancient ruin looked like back in the day:

u/GallowBoob / Via

11. This ballpoint pen that shows how many more words it can write:

u/Ghaatok / Via

12. This depiction of humans' vision compared to birds' vision:

u/tanzaniteflame / Via

13. This is what the sky would look like if Earth had Saturn's rings:

Ron MIller / Via

14. This dolphin brain compared to a human brain:

u/TurtleTheThing / Via

15. This is Stuart Semple’s Black 2.0 — aka one of the blackest black matte paints you can actually buy — compared to another black matte paint:

u/ashlinisn / Via

16. And lastly, this is how big a pound of human fat is...compared to a banana with googly eyes and a mustache, of course:

u/indecisive311 / Via

H/T: r/DamnThatsInteresting

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