Khloé Kardashian Said She's "Afraid" To Post On Instagram After The Photoshop Backlash Because People Think Her Photos Are Edited No Matter What

    "Even when I barely did retouching...people are gonna say I did."

    Khloé Kardashian acknowledged the backlash she's received over editing photos she shares online during the latest episode of The Kardashians, and said she's "afraid" to post on Instagram because of the criticism.

    Khloé, whose involvement in various Photoshop mishaps went viral several times in recent months, explained why using social media gives her "anxiety" in a scene from her family's new Hulu show that was filmed last fall.

    While traveling with her longtime friend, Malika Haqq, to her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden in September, Khloé first admitted to feeling apprehensive about the interview and how people might judge her after the fact.

    "I am on my way to do the James Corden talk show," she said. "Malika's coming for my emotional support because I do get a lot of anxiety by doing talk shows these days."

    "It's so easy for people to say, 'You don't know them, don't pay attention.' Trust me, I try not to," Khloé continued.

    "But when you're walking down the street, and then even paparazzi's heckling at you the same things that you're trying to avoid, it's so deteriorating on your self-esteem, your confidence, the way that you view yourself."

    Khloé said she feels "anxiety to post photos on Instagram," too. "Even when I barely did retouching, I'm so afraid to post it, because people are gonna say I did."

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