Kim Kardashian Shared The Unconventional Way She's Wrapping Presents This Year, And It's Actually Pretty Cool

    She's gonna need it to clean up that tub.

    Welcome to the 77th post about Kim Kardashian's 2023 holiday decorations.

    Close-up of Kim

    I know you're absolutely THRILLED to be here.

    Older woman holding a mug and looking at a laptop screen

    For those who don't follow every design change in Kim Kardashian's $50 million abandoned morgue–inspired house, let me fill you in...

    This year, Kim decorated her hallway with tons of Christmas trees.

    Kim's eerie hallways with many Christmas trees

    She has an entirely beige color scheme for her living room decorations.

    Her spare furniture in a room

    How festive!

    Bare stockings hanging from a spare fireplace

    She's also been getting into the whole "Elf on the Shelf" thing. Yesterday, she shared a video of her expensive bathtub filled with chocolate.

    Elves and marshmallows in the chocolate-filled tub

    And now I'm *blessing* you with some more KK intel — specifically, how she wraps her presents.

    Close-up of Kim at a media event

    She's going with fabric.

    Gifts wrapped in fabric

    "I just wanted to show you guys that I used Skims cotton fabric for my wrapping this year, and I'm gonna reuse it," she said on Instagram.

    Close-up of the gifts

    "When everyone opens it, I'm gonna take the fabric and reuse [it] on stuff I make for my family," she said. "I thought it was really fun and cool to have something you can reuse over and over again."

    Close-up of the gifts

    She's right about the reusable thing, but I just want to know about this "stuff" she makes for her family.

    Close-up of the gifts

    Maybe she can use it to clean up her chocolate bathtub.

    Close-up of the bathtub