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    91 Elf On The Shelf Ideas To See You Through December

    These are greeeeeat for when you're racking your brain at 5 a.m. before the kids wake up.

    1. These handy elves:

    2. Poor, sick elf:

    3. The melted-snowman prank:

    4. A poker game for the ages:

    5. Taking a "s-elfie":

    An elf looking at their image in a cellphone

    6. Taco Tuesday elf:

    7. Hanging out in the tree:

    8. Just going swimming:

    9. Netflix and chillin':

    Two elves sitting in a seat, with one putting their arm around the other and turning around and looking at the camera

    10. Taking a yoga class:

    11. The cookie butter shame spiral:

    Jars of cookie butter combos and cookies, with one elf lying down on top of a packet of cookies and the other with their entire head in a jar

    12. Being John and Yoko:

    Two elves, one curled up around the other in a fetal position

    13. Doing a gift exchange with the Mensch on a Bench:

    Two elves sitting on a couch opposite a man wearing a Jewish prayer shawl and a menorah between them

    14. Working the catwalk:

    15. Having a romantic weekend:

    Two elves lying on a bed and wearing robes

    16. Baby shark elf:

    17. Hamilton-fan elf:

    18. "Elf farted in a jar":

    Two elves in a jar with a sign in it: "Phooopsie; we farted in here; wanna smell?"

    19. Taking a bath:

    21. Another Jurassic Park scene:

    22. The elf syrup-pong championship:

    Two elves with buckets of syrup and one taking aim

    23. A chocolate-addicted Elf:

    An elf with an array of chocolate kisses around them and chocolate smudges on their mouth

    24. The excited elf:

    25. The outdoorsy elf:

    Two elves sitting in a circle with a dinosaur and a teddy bear, with a paper "campfire" in the middle, and a Post-it note referring to a campfire they had with their friends last night

    26. Elf tea party:

    @BuzzFeeders mine had a full on tea party. 3 guests. And a lot of cakes.

    Twitter: @georgiamai39

    27. Snow angel elves (using sugar):

    Two elves lying with their arms and legs stretched out and surrounded by "snow" sugar and a note saying that they've been "naughty" because they stole the sugar

    28. And snow angel elves (using sprinkles):

    29. A great elf rescue:

    30. Enjoying some Christmas cocoa:

    31. A desert island elf:

    Twitter: @Lindseyyybee

    32. Fishin' with Poppa Elf:

    33. Elf sack race:

    @BuzzFeeders Peyton the Elf sack racing with friends

    Twitter: @QuiaunaJ

    34. Elf artistes:

    35. Cookie party:

    Two elves sitting around a large plate with cookies with frosting

    36. Fast-food elf:

    37. Pooping elf:

    @BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed went downstairs to the bathroom and saw this..

    Twitter: @sierraskyhale

    38. Another take:

    39. Blowing bubbles:

    40. Peas on Earth:

    41. Stilt walker elf:

    42. Enjoying some Schweddy balls:

    43. Thirsty elf:

    44. Getting creative with pictures:

    45. Really telling a story:

    46. Laundromat elves:

    47. Having a twisty day:

    48. Not-so-amateur magicians:

    49. Snowball fight:

    @BuzzFeeders the elf got into an epic snowball fight the other day

    Twitter: @toohiowithlove

    51. If you want to clean up after…Silly Putty elf:

    53. Elf after a rough night:

    54. Gingerbread eating contest:

    55. Barbie x elf collab:

    56. A distinguished golfer elf:

    57. Emoji-fanatic elf:

    58. Backyard prank:

    59. Igloo-building elves:

    60. Stuck-in-the-TV elf:

    62. Mechanic elf:

    63. A sneaky elf:

    64. Elf on a trip:

    65. Lemonade stand:

    66. A Pinterest-fanatic elf:

    An elf sitting by a laptop preparing a dish that he sees on the screen

    67. Another take on the elf sack race:

    68. Scooby-Doo elf:

    69. Movie night:

    70. Incentivizing elf:

    71. Chip-obsessed elf:

    73. Thieving elf:

    74. Soaking up the sun:

    75. The elf who came in like a wrecking ball:

    76. Strong elf:

    77. The Jet Ski elf:

    78. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation elf:

    79. Party elf:

    80. WWE(lf):

    My baby sister doing the Elf on the Shelf for her two sons. This is from Day #1. And she named him Tyrone. She is winning...

    Twitter: @GreatDonovan

    81. Chaotic elf:

    82. Going on an adventure:

    83. Trickster elf:

    84. DJ Elf in the HOUSE:

    Drum roll, please! #ScoutElfReturnWeek will be here soon & so will a rockin' new song! Stop by our page on Nov 24th! #ScoutElfSoundtrack

    Twitter: @elfontheshelf

    85. Eyeball prank:

    86. Ominous elf:

    87. Kissing booth:

    88. For the promiscuous elf:

    89. Elf under the weather:

    90. A punny elf:

    91. And here's a great idea for your elf's last night:

    This post contains content from Whitney Jefferson, Mike Spohr, Michelle Regna, and Spencer Althouse. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.