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    82 Elf On The Shelf Ideas To See You Through December

    These are greeeeeat for when you're racking your brain at 5 a.m. before the kids wake up.

    It's time for everyone's favorite whimsical, nonsensical Christmas tradition: Elf on the Shelf! Here are the best ones from all over the internet and our BuzzFeed readership, just in case you need some inspo for this. year's elfish shenanigans.

    1. This elf who just wanted to be helpful:

    sorry but LOL

    — bri 𓇢𓆸 ♡ (@curlyhairvegan) December 8, 2023
    Twitter: @curlyhairvegan

    2. This crossover elf:

    I don’t even fuck with the whole elf on a shelf bullshit….BUT THIS!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

    — ❤️ Wendy ❤️ (@ulovewendy) December 6, 2023
    Twitter: @ulovewendy

    3. These thorough elves:

    Elf on the shelf things

    — Shaye Marie, Realtor, Texas (@shayesellstexas) December 5, 2023
    Twitter: @shayesellstexas

    4. These handy elves:

    5. The melted-snowman prank:

    6. A poker game for the ages:

    7. Taking a "s-elfie":

    An elf looking at their image in a cellphone

    8. Hanging out in the tree:

    9. Just going swimming:

    10. Netflix and chillin':

    Two elves sitting in a seat, with one putting their arm around the other and turning around and looking at the camera

    11. Taking a yoga class:

    12. The cookie butter shame spiral:

    Jars of cookie butter combos and cookies, with one elf lying down on top of a packet of cookies and the other with their entire head in a jar

    13. Being John and Yoko:

    Two elves, one curled up around the other in a fetal position

    14. Doing a gift exchange with the Mensch on a Bench:

    Two elves sitting on a couch opposite a man wearing a Jewish prayer shawl and a menorah between them

    15. Working the catwalk:

    16. Having a romantic weekend:

    Two elves lying on a bed and wearing robes

    17. Baby shark elf:

    18. "Elf farted in a jar":

    Two elves in a jar with a sign in it: "Phooopsie; we farted in here; wanna smell?"

    19. Taking a bath:

    21. Another Jurassic Park scene:

    22. The elf syrup-pong championship:

    Two elves with buckets of syrup and one taking aim

    23. A chocolate-addicted Elf:

    An elf with an array of chocolate kisses around them and chocolate smudges on their mouth

    24. The excited elf:

    25. The outdoorsy elf:

    Two elves sitting in a circle with a dinosaur and a teddy bear, with a paper "campfire" in the middle, and a Post-it note referring to a campfire they had with their friends last night

    26. Elf tea party:

    @BuzzFeeders mine had a full on tea party. 3 guests. And a lot of cakes.

    Twitter: @georgiamai39

    27. Snow angel elves (using sugar):

    Two elves lying with their arms and legs stretched out and surrounded by "snow" sugar and a note saying that they've been "naughty" because they stole the sugar

    28. And snow angel elves (using sprinkles):

    29. A great elf rescue:

    30. Enjoying some Christmas cocoa:

    31. A desert island elf:

    Twitter: @Lindseyyybee

    32. Fishin' with Poppa Elf:

    33. Elf sack race:

    @BuzzFeeders Peyton the Elf sack racing with friends

    Twitter: @QuiaunaJ

    34. Elf artistes:

    35. Cookie party:

    Two elves sitting around a large plate with cookies with frosting

    36. Fast-food elf:

    37. Pooping elf:

    @BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed went downstairs to the bathroom and saw this..

    Twitter: @sierraskyhale

    38. Another take:

    39. Blowing bubbles:

    40. Peas on Earth:

    41. Stilt walker elf:

    42. Enjoying some Schweddy balls:

    43. Thirsty elf:

    44. Getting creative with pictures:

    45. Really telling a story:

    46. Having a twisty day:

    47. Not-so-amateur magicians:

    48. Snowball fight:

    @BuzzFeeders the elf got into an epic snowball fight the other day

    Twitter: @toohiowithlove

    50. If you want to clean up after…Silly Putty elf:

    52. Elf after a rough night:

    53. Gingerbread eating contest:

    54. Barbie x elf collab:

    55. A distinguished golfer elf:

    56. Emoji-fanatic elf:

    57. Backyard prank:

    58. Igloo-building elves:

    60. Mechanic elf:

    61. Elf on a trip:

    62. Lemonade stand:

    63. A Pinterest-fanatic elf:

    An elf sitting by a laptop preparing a dish that he sees on the screen

    64. Another take on the elf sack race:

    65. Movie night:

    66. Incentivizing elf:

    67. Chip-obsessed elf:

    69. Soaking up the sun:

    70. The elf who came in like a wrecking ball:

    71. Strong elf:

    72. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation elf:

    73. WWE(lf):

    My baby sister doing the Elf on the Shelf for her two sons. This is from Day #1. And she named him Tyrone. She is winning...

    Twitter: @GreatDonovan

    74. Chaotic elf:

    75. Going on an adventure:

    76. Trickster elf:

    77. DJ Elf in the HOUSE:

    Drum roll, please! #ScoutElfReturnWeek will be here soon & so will a rockin' new song! Stop by our page on Nov 24th! #ScoutElfSoundtrack

    Twitter: @elfontheshelf

    78. Eyeball prank:

    79. Ominous elf:

    80. For the promiscuous elf:

    81. A punny elf: