“There's still so much that I love about them,” Ringwald told BuzzFeed News about the John Huges movies she starred in. “They're very powerful [movies] and they're connected to people's memories and youth.”

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The SAG-AFTRA alleges the Academy is using "graceless pressure tactics" as a way to control the awards show talent pipeline.

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The Marvel movie was nominated in three categories, including Best Motion Picture — Drama.

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"[Crazy Rich Asians] is the first studio film with an Asian American lead since Ghost in the Shell and Aloha.”

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In an interview that aired Friday, Ellen DeGeneres worked hard to get Hart to reconsider his decision to quit as Oscars host because of anti-gay remarks.

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“It didn't feel risky at all," Legend said of his decision to appear in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

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“In the interest of my mental health I feel the time has come to change my relationship with social media," wrote Poulter, who played guru game designer Colin Ritman in the Netflix show.

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"Is there anything this guy can’t do?"

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People are recording themselves doing activities while blindfolded. At least one video appears to show a child getting hurt.

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“I always say I’ll go where I’m needed.”

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Entertainment reporters had tried — and failed — for years to break the Weinstein story. Hollywood’s eventual #MeToo reckoning also proved to be a transformational moment for the news industry devoted to covering it.

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Keep the change, you filthy animals.

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Katrina Danforth has appeared in multiple porn films under the name Lynn Pleasant. She's now being held in jail without bail.

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"I'm guessing that's not true because I don't know about it yet,” Portman said.

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Glenn, who is also known for her work in Orange Is the New Black, stars as Peni Parker, a fan-favorite character from an alternate, anime-inspired universe.

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Praise Satan!

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“Everyone knows who won,” Cumberbatch says in the trailer, “but not everyone knows how.”

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The singer is being asked to pay $16.3 million.

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The artists have been in a copyright battle with Gaye’s family for five years.

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