Literally Everyone Is Team Ariana Right Now After Tom Sandoval Cheated On Her With Raquel Leviss

    The whole world is Team Ariana.

    For those who aren’t fully caught up, Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix broke up over the weekend after being in a relationship for nearly a decade because Tom reportedly had a six-month-long affair with their fellow castmate and Ariana’s friend, Raquel Leviss.

    Ariana apparently learned about the affair when she saw a sexually explicit video of Raquel on Tom’s phone, according to People.

    Tom Sandoval and Ariana outside of Schwartz & Sandy's

    To say this is one of the most dramatic scandals in Vanderpump Rules and Bravo history is an understatement. Not only have Ariana and Tom been together for nine years — the last on-screen romance remaining out of the OG couples — but Ariana has also mostly stayed out of any significant VPR drama.

    She’s arguably one of the most likable cast members on the show, acting as the voice of reason for other people when they’re experiencing difficulties and hardships.

    Ariana in an interview confessional

    Ariana’s also magically been able to maintain friendships with nearly every castmate, despite everyone’s constantly shifting statuses with one another.

    Ariana being held by Lala at a table next to Stassi

    Fans are bearing witness to something they haven’t seen from this show in years from — unapologetic girl power, camaraderie, and sisterhood from the cast members and Vanderpump alums who are rallying around Ariana in the midst of this unexpected crisis.

    This is why everyone, and I mean everyone, is Team Ariana following the Tom and Raquel cheating scandal. How could you not be?!

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    Doute has made it clear she’s #TeamAriana AS SHE SHOULD BE. #PumpRules

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    I explained the Vanderpump drama with a full timeline and photos to my cat last night, so he's all caught up. Obviously he is team Ariana.

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    Our Schwartz & Sandy Mug has officially been replaced by something much prettier. #pumprules #teamariana

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    Next season needs to focus on Ariana and Katie opening their sandwich shop in record time, being an instant success, living their best lives while we point and laugh at the Toms relying on Lisa to bail them out of everything like the man children they are. #TeamAriana #PumpRules

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    Not to mention, the alleged details of Tom and Raquel’s affair are unequivocally messed up.

    Wearing matching lightning bolt necklaces to signal they love each other? Apparently, hooking up at Tom and Ariana’s house while Ariana is asleep in the other room? Tom still showing up to Raquel’s apartment late on Saturday night in the midst of all this drama?!

    Ariana's friends and castmates wasted no time taking to social media to support her.

    Every morning when I wake up, I realize it wasn’t just a nightmare. It’s real. 😭💔 #TeamAriana

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    Plus, Katie Maloney, Scheana Shay, and Kristen Doute have all been photographed showing up to Ariana’s house with flowers and wine in tow.

    At its worst, Vanderpump Rules has made fans suffer through boring and snooze-worthy storylines with condescending and sexist men.

    Stassi making an unhappy face while sitting next to James at a Vanderpump Rules reunion

    But at its best, Vanderpump Rules showcases strong female friendships and women supporting women.

    Katie, Ariana, Brittany, Scheana, and Stassi sitting around each other on a couch

    In their heyday, there were the Witches of WeHo who banded together through thick and thin (although, in present-day it doesn’t seem like Stassi, Kristen, and Katie are much of a trio).

    There was also the time Jax Taylor felt the wrath of the girls after he cheated on his now-wife Brittany Cartwright and they all rallied around her, despite their complicated friendships with each other.

    Sure, there has also been a fair share of situations where some of the women in the cast fought, didn’t get along, and created divides in the larger friend group. But the best moments in Vanderpump Rules are when these same women channel their energy into being champions for each other.

    When the girls stick together, nothing can stand in their way.

    At this point, it’s unclear what exactly the future of Vanderpump Rules will look like. But there are two things we know for certain: this new era of girl power is just what the show and its cast need, and if you’re not on Team Ariana...’re on the wrong side of history.

    Ariana saying, "I'm smarter than you. I'm prettier than you. Get the fuck over it."

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