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Lady Gaga Opened Up About Losing Touch With Reality After Staying In Character For “House Of Gucci” For A Year And A Half And Speaking With An Italian Accent For Nine Months

“You end up sounding and looking like them, yes, but it’s not an imitation, it’s a becoming. I remember when we started filming, I knew I had become — and I knew that the greater challenge was going to be unbecoming.”

Here’s To The Stripper Heel

Designed for visual impact and endurance, the stripper heel has defied stigma to shine on the red carpet, the runway, and the silver screen.

Listen: This Is Why Lil Nas X’s Success Matters So Much

“I’m amazed that someone as young as him was able to overcome this hurdle, when it comes to sticking to what your true self is—and figuring out how to balance this with this oppressive force in your life.”