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This Couple's Spectacular Engagement Photo Fail Has Gone Viral

“I kind of over-adjusted,” the groom-to-be told BuzzFeed News.

David Mack 10 hours ago

15 Photos Of The Massive Protests In Lebanon That Were Sparked By A WhatsApp Tax

Protesters from various religious backgrounds are angry over the crumbling state of the country and what they say is cronyism at the highest levels of government.

David Mack 2 days ago

Julie Andrews Explained Why She Felt "Evil" When She Visited The Real Von Trapp House

"Himmler took over that villa, and the atrocities there were just terrible," she told BuzzFeed News.

David Mack 3 days ago

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Is Quitting After Being Subpoenaed In The Impeachment Probe

Perry played a key role in US–Ukraine relations and is now a person of interest in the Congressional impeachment inquiry.

Zahra Hirji 4 days ago

The Cast From "The Office" Has A Really Good, Secret Idea For A Reunion Movie

"We can't say it!" Kinsey told BuzzFeed News. "But it's so good!"

David Mack 4 days ago

Elijah Cummings, One Of The Top Democrats Investigating Trump, Has Died

The House Oversight and Reform Committee chair from Maryland clashed repeatedly with President Trump.

David Mack 4 days ago

J. Smith-Cameron, Gerri From “Succession,” Revealed Secrets From The Finale

The actor who plays Gerri Kellman, Waystar Royco’s general counsel, revealed what it was like filming on that luxury superyacht — and the “juicy” scenes with Roman that ended up on the cutting-room floor. (Spoilers ahead!)

David Mack 6 days ago

A Fort Worth Cop Killed A Black Woman Inside Her Home After Her Neighbor Called Police Because Her Door Was Open

“Put your hands up, show me your hands,” the officer said before firing a shot — all in less than four seconds.

Ryan Mac 9 days ago

A Man Was Arrested After A Shooting During A Church Wedding In New Hampshire

The bride, groom, and a bishop were injured in the shooting before the gunman was overpowered by people attending the ceremony.

David Mack 9 days ago

A Middle School Student On A Trip To DC Spat On A Black Person At The African American History Museum

The principal of the Connecticut middle school said she did not believe the incident was racially motivated.

David Mack 9 days ago

Elizabeth Olsen Shared Details About "WandaVision"

"Comics aren't just for boys who want to watch big boys," Olsen told BuzzFeed News.

David Mack 10 days ago

Jameela Jamil Explained Her George W. Bush Tweet But Some People Aren't Buying It

The star of The Good Place has been in a messy Twitter drama involving Ellen DeGeneres and the former Republican president.

David Mack 12 days ago

Steve Irwin's Family Said They've Now Fulfilled One Of His Greatest Wishes

Terri Irwin told BuzzFeed News that opening an elephant hospital in Indonesia had been something her husband had always wanted to do: "It's so important to continue his mission."

David Mack 18 days ago

Nickelback's Record Label Got Trump's "Photograph" Twitter Video Taken Down Due To Copyright

Look at this photograph but not this tweet because you can't because it got taken down.

David Mack 18 days ago

Todd Phillips Blamed "Woke Culture" For Killing Comedy And Leading Him To Make "Joker"

The director of Old School, Road Trip, and The Hangover trilogy said stars don't want to offend people nowadays.

David Mack 20 days ago

Movie Theaters Aren't Allowing Fans To Wear Masks When They See "Joker"

The ban comes as the director of the Batman villain origin story blames "outrage" about the film on the "far left."

David Mack 24 days ago
Michael Blackmon 24 days ago

Bradley Whitford Explained Why He Thinks "The West Wing" Can't Ever Come Back

Whitford also told BuzzFeed News that he thinks Josh Lyman would support Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the Democratic primary.

David Mack 27 days ago

Merritt Wever Admitted She Had To Say “You’re Terrible, Muriel” When She Met Toni Collette

“To not a small group of people that’s a big deal — to get to Muriel the actual Muriel, and I got to Muriel Muriel, and I hold it in my heart.”

David Mack One month ago

Sarah Palin’s Husband Has Filed For Divorce

The couple have been married since 1988.

David Mack One month ago