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    18 Musicians Who Have Admitted They Secretly Hate Their Old Songs

    Lorde thinks "Royals" sounds like a ringtone from 2006.

    1. Miley Cyrus has said she "hates" her hit "Party in the USA," and explained why she doesn't like the way it sounds.

    Miley wearing a low-cut halter top and blond streaks in her hair

    2. Zayn Malik says he hated pretty much every song he made with One Direction.

    Zayn at the Grammy Awards

    3. Ariana Grande revealed that the process of recording "Put Your Hearts Up" was "straight out of hell."

    Ariana wearing a strapless silver outfit and with her hands on hips

    4. Selena Gomez thinks "Come and Get It" sounds like a "Rihanna reject."

    Selena in a strapless outfit

    5. Lorde thinks the song that made her famous, "Royals," is "disastrous," saying it sounds like an old ringtone.

    Lorde in a strapless outfit

    6. Lady Gaga hates her iconic collaboration with Beyoncé, "Telephone."

    Lady Gaga with her hair pulled back and wearing a black thin-strap halter outfit

    7. Katy Perry has some major lyrical regrets about "I Kissed a Girl."

    Katy wearing a V-neck outfit

    8. James Blunt thinks his biggest hit, "You're Beautiful," is "annoying."

    James wearing jeans and a T-shirt and singing and playing guitar onstage

    9. Mandy Moore cringes at her early work, including her iconic song "Candy."

    Mandy in a pink off-the-shoulder top

    10. Kanye West says he "never really liked" the song "Gold Digger," but did it (ironically) for money.

    Kanye in a hoodie sweatshirt

    11. Justin Bieber regrets his Nicki Minaj collab, "Beauty and a Beat."

    Justin wearing a backward cap, thick silver chain, and white sweater

    12. Liam Gallagher, formerly of Oasis, hates the band's most famous song, "Wonderwall."

    Liam at the microphone and wearing sunglasses

    13. Kurt Cobain called Nirvana's hit song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" an "embarrassment."

    Kurt sitting with a guitar at a microphone

    14. Robert Plant, the former lead singer of Led Zeppelin, says "Stairway to Heaven" gives him hives.

    Robert singing onstage

    15. Madonna says she's sick and tired of her iconic hits "Like a Virgin" and "Holiday."

    Madonna in a sleeveless black outfit

    16. Pete Townshend, guitarist for the Who, thinks "Pinball Wizard" is the worst song he's ever written.

    Pete onstage playing his guitar

    17. Michael Stipe, former front man of R.E.M., groans when he hears "Shiny Happy People."

    Michael wearing glasses and looking very serious

    18. And finally, John Lennon dissed Paul McCartney's writing of the Beatles' legendary song "Let It Be."

    Black-and-white photo of John