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Lady Gaga's NYC Apartment Is For Rent For $2,000 A Month β€” Is It Worth It?

The power this apartment has.

Long ago, in the mid-2000s, there was a girl named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Stefani wearing a bedazzled leotard and dancing with a man
Veronica S. Ibarra / FilmMagic / Getty Images

It isn't related to anything in this article, but I'm sure she'd want you to know...she's Italian.

Lady Gaga playing the piano on stage in a metallic bra and matching panties
Jason Squires / WireImage / Getty Images

Stef lived in the Lower East Side, where she worked open mic nights trying to catch her big break.

Pre-famous Lady Gaga performing in front of a crowd during an outdoors concert
Jason Squires / WireImage / Getty Images

Then, she met Bill Gates* and changed his life forever.

Lady Gaga is wearing a ballgown and matching floral headpiece as she poses for a photo with two young children, one of whom has an arrow pointing at him identifying him as Bill Gates
Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images


Anyway, back to reality, Lady Gaga lived in 76 Stanton Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side neighborhood right before she hit it big.

Veronica S. Ibarra / FilmMagic / Getty Images

She apparently lived there when she was writing her debut album, The Fame.

Lady Gaga dramatically posing with two other people for a photo on a rooftop deck as they contort their bodies around each other
Theo Wargo / WireImage / Getty Images

And now, the apartment is up for rent again.

Gaga's old apt is for rent again! It's $2,000/ mo. on Stanton St. I think she was paying $1100 back in 05-07.

Twitter: @JamesHarness

The apartment is on the market for $2,000 a month*.

An open concept apartment with a stainless steel fridge, wood floors, gas stove, and double doors leading into another room

It's actually $1,692 net effective rent because they're offering two months free. That means for your first year, you are paying $1,692 a month, but after that it's probably back to $2,000 a month. This whole "net effective" thing is big in NYC right now.

The highlights from the listing include: "Soaring 10-foot ceilings, open kitchen w/ STAINLESS STEEL appliances, windowed bath with full TUB, recessed lighting and inlaid wood flooring throughout."

As someone who has lived in NYC apartments for well over a decade, let me tell you: There is actually zero counter space here because you'll have to put a dish rack there because there is no dishwasher.

That skylight is very nice, though*!

*But it makes me worried for the 4th of July when everyone (illegally) goes on the roof to watch fireworks. I'd be worried someone would fall in and/or scare the hell out of me in the middle of the night.

The floating fridge is also a choice, but totally fine*.

*Living with a fridge in your living room is a way of life.

The bedroom has two nice-sized windows. I see a fire escape, too.

Could definitely fit a queen.

The closet is normal. It looks like that's your only closet in the entire apartment, so that thing will be jammed full.

You can see the bathroom in a video tour, which actually has a window. Let me tell you, a windowed bathroom is rare*.

*It probably faces an alley where multiple pigeon families reside and shit on air conditioners all day.

Overall, $2,000 or $1,600 and change for a year isn't actually so bad.

Honestly, with an apartment like this, you're paying for the neighborhood. It's close to tons of bars and restaurants that I'm sure will be LIT when everyone gets the vaccine. It's down the street from one of my least favorite areas, Hell Square, but this apartment in particular is on a pretty quiet block!

Gaga goes back to the apartment semi-regularly.

Lady Gaga about to enter her apartment building with Anderson Cooper

In 2011, she took Anderson Cooper there.


It's a place she randomly makes pilgrimages to.

So yeah, maybe if you move in, Gaga will show up like some sort of Santa Claus in the night.

Lady Gaga wearing a red dress, green wig, and part of a Christmas tree, star topper included, on top of her head
Jj / GC Images / Getty Images
  1. So, would you rent Gaga's old apartment for $2,000?

    So, would you rent Gaga's old apartment for $2,000?

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So, would you rent Gaga's old apartment for $2,000?
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