Reporting To You X


"Lawl" or "Ell-oh-ell?"

Andy Golder • 5 hours ago


Audrey Worboys • 2 hours ago

Beef or beefcake?

Javier Moreno • 11 hours ago

Are you more of a Yoo-Hoo person or a nitro cold brew person?

Lord help us.

Dave Stopera • 1 hour ago

It's Valentine's Day!

Sorry '90s kids, but this is a tough one.

Are they Samoas or Caramel deLites?


I usually trust Martha, but this is pretty weird.

🎶I have a singing telegram for Briana. 🎶

Clark McCaskill • 28 minutes ago

Pudding cup or rice pudding? You decide.

Justice for your faves!

We saw a lot of really good and a lot of really...questionable things

So many questions, so few answers.

Who's endgame?

Someone's gotta ask the important questions around here!

Let's see how you really feel.

Everyone go watch this show. Now.

Do you prefer a Kindle or a paperback?

Who is your Superman?

It's hard to believe these movies came out 10 years ago!

"A dream is a wish your heart makes."

Do you have expensive taste?

Throwin' it back to '08.

Get ready to make some tough decisions.

They're all gorgeous!

What's NOT on your menu?

The Sorting Hat has spoken.

Dexter or Jimmy Neutron?

It's time to sort this out!

Heartbreaking, but it must be done.

X marks the Twitter feud!

Let's get petty.

Help us, people: which one looks more like John?


Do you have these traits that connect us to our primate ancestors?

Pun very much intended.

Pick and choose...there's no way to lose.

Are there any likable characters??

Do you put both socks on first before shoes, or do you do one foot at a time?

There can only be one.

Let the crunchy vs. smooth debate COMMENCE.

It's your turn to sound off.

It's your turn to sound off.

Well, what do you think?

Hope you like remakes and sequels!

Let's fight about this!!

See if everyone else loves a psychopath or if it's just you.

Do they deserve all of the hype?

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