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I Compiled 56 Of The Best Oscars Looks By Designers — Now It's Your Turn To Pick The Most Iconic Ones

These are all slays in my book.

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The 2024 Oscars are just around the corner (this Sunday at 7 p.m. EDT to be exact!), so I thought it would be fun to look back at all the most iconic looks by designers.

Here's how it'll go: I'll show you four pictures of celeb Oscars looks by a designer. Your job is to pick what you think is the best look. At the end, we'll crown the best overall designer. Got it? Let's go!

Four people at events, second from left in a strapless dress with a bow, others in glittery gowns
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Four women in elegant gowns at an awards event, each wearing a unique designer dress
Four women at an event each wearing elegant gowns, with varying sleeve and neckline designs, and embellishments
Four celebrities in elegant gowns posing at an event
Four celebs in elegant evening dresses at an award event
Four women in elegant gowns pose separately at an event; styles range from strapless to sleeves with varied necklines and silhouettes
Four women in elegant gowns at a red carpet event, each with unique dress styles
Four celebs pose; two in voluminous gowns and one in a sequined dress, the last in a chic pant suit and hat
Four celebrities in elegant gowns at an awards event
Four women in evening attire pose separately at the Oscars; two in gowns with full skirts, one in a jumpsuit, and one in a draped dress
Four celebs in formal attire pose separately at an event, each displaying unique fashion styles by Christian Siriano
Four women at an event wearing elegant gowns with varying designs, including ruffled and strapless styles
Four women at an event each wearing unique gowns; one with a pink cape, another in white with a strapless neckline, the third in a sparkly dress with a halter neck, and the last in a sleek red dress with plunging neckline
Four celebrities in elegant dresses at a red carpet event