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"Oi… hã, tenho um horário marcado com Emily Charlton?"

Jamie Jones • 4 minutes ago

Are you more Friday or Monday?

Cee Chandra • 3 minutes ago

¿Seré yo la Manic Pixie Dream Girl de alguien?

Beatriz Serrano • 8 minutes ago

Do you like eggs or are you a pancake lover?

Hanifah Rahman • 5 hours ago

"OK last rep! One more push! You can do it!"

Pedro Fequiere • 4 minutes ago


Andrea Hickey • 3 minutes ago

Have you found your happily ever after?

Audrey Worboys • 6 hours ago

¿Quién dijo "Nuestra gran amistad, el tiempo no borrará"?

Lourdes Rios • 2 hours ago

It's gonna get a little weird up in here.

Andrea Hickey • 4 hours ago

Getting older is a bitch.

Matt Kiebus • 3 minutes ago

¿Sabrina o Jughead?

Ellie Bate • 3 hours ago

Delicious and nutritious!

Are you more of a Gelato or an OG Kush?

Claire de Louraille • 9 hours ago

Todo mundo é, de um jeito ou de outro.

Raphael Evangelista • 1 hour ago

Te va a dar hambre sólo de hacer este quiz.

Lourdes Rios • 6 hours ago

It's gonna be grate.

evrivali • 5 hours ago

Shop 'til you... find a name for your pet.

Life can be ruff, but the quiz sure isn't!

raechilling • 1 hour ago

Animal season is year round!

Get your popcorn ready!

alejandrabcruz • 4 hours ago

Are you ~koalafied~?

Se você grita a cada fim de série e treina com a camiseta do Capitão América é meio caminho andado.

Raphael Evangelista • 3 minutes ago

May the best snacks win.

Casey Rackham • 4 minutes ago

Des mussta amol ogucken etzert!

El quiz de personalidad MÁS preciso.

Tanner Greenring • 2 hours ago

Ron or Hermione? You can only pick one.

Casey Rackham • 10 hours ago

We’ll decide for you.

Because Season 8 can't get here fast enough.

Você curte uma vibe minimalista ou eclética?

Natalya Lobanova • 1 hour ago

You learn something new every day.

Às vezes é bom ouvir umas verdades.

Alexandre Orrico • 3 minutes ago

Vergiss den Sprechenden Hut – mach lieber sofort dieses Quiz!

Food is fuel right?

survivalofblackfriday • 3 hours ago

Let the future reveal your present.

Jamie Jones • 11 hours ago

Se avecina maratón.

Beatriz Serrano • 3 minutes ago

Lo siento. Es verdad. En serio... ¿no puedes no ser lo peor?

Todo lo que necesitas es amor; lo demás son tonterías.

Because I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Sera_n_Dipity • 5 hours ago

It's a Kardashian Thanksgiving!

Quench your thirst.

Are you more BoJack or Mr. Peatnutbutter?

Margret Wiggins • 7 hours ago

Find your slept-on fave.

Alex Naidus • 3 hours ago

This'll give you trust issues.

Christopher Hudspeth • 1 hour ago


Guillermo del Palacio • 10 hours ago

Will you be eating Thanksgiving dinner with Schmidt, Jess, Nick, or Winston?

It was a simpler time in the '00s.

Jenna Guillaume • 3 hours ago

Show me that LEWK!

Andrea Hickey • 11 hours ago

We all relate to a Riverdale fashionista. The question is, which one?

chickabitty • 2 hours ago

It’s time to test your animal knowledge.

"Mooooo, b*tch. Get out my hay."

carolinecahill • 5 hours ago
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