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These 40 Names Are Now Called "Old People Names," And I Am Genuinely Curious If You Agree

Sorry to everyone who is about to feel both very old and very attacked.

Last month, this TikTok went super viral where a woman had a revelation about "old people names."


"The other day my daughter told me the name Ashley or Amanda, or my name is Amber, are 'old people' names, and I never thought about it this way," she said.

Woman in a car wearing a necklace, talking, with overlaid text about people's names

Basically, the younger generation considers millennial names to be "old people names" now.

Woman in a car wearing a seat belt, speaking, with text overlay about teachers' names

Essentially, "Ashley" is the new "Barbara."

Woman in a vehicle with text saying "Ashley is the new Barbara."

ALL of that said, I'm curious if you agree. According to Nameberry, the following are 40 of the most popular millennial names, so let's decide if they're old people's names or not.